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How many miles have you put on?

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I've had my Majesty for a little over 14 months and put about 12,000 miles on her. Can anyone top that?
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Nope, can't top you! I bought my Maj. in Sept. and just yesterday turned 600 miles!!

Nearly 1400 miles on mine in just over 2 months.

Next spring I'll be rolling on the miles !

Pikeville, Kentucky
I bought mine in July 05 and have about 3800 miles.

Bought the Majesty in January 05 and have put 5900 miles so far ... but I also put 7500 miles on my FZ1 and 2500 on my smallest scoot during the same time period ... so if I only had my Majesty ... I'd have you beat :lol:
Bought mine last Thanksgiving and have just over 3400 miles on it. He's still a "cream puff". Gotta love it!
I've got about 1200 miles on mine. I got it about the middle of September, but I didn't get my license until a month or so ago.
I bought my Majesty in Sept 2004 and have put 10K miles on her, loved every mile. I also bought a V Star 650 in December 2004 and have put 8K miles on her. So if you add them together I've got you beat too. LOL

Dosn't matter how many miles ya ride though, just the fact that you ride. :D :shock: :? 8) :lol: :p

Ride Often and Ride Safe,
Jodi OKC, OK
I have had mine since Jan 2005 and have over 6K on it.
i bought my 05 at the end of september 2005, and now have 6500km on it as on jan 2 2006.

There is one guy in our Polish maxiscooters forum who puts 35 000km = 21 875 miles in past season. (in Poland seson lasts about 7-8 months). Unfortunately he doesn't ride Majesty, he have a Burgman 400. :(
One and a half months, only 343 miles due to record setting rain here in Pacific Northwest. Its pure hell.
1600 miles since September 2005.
im not aproaching 8000 km since sept 20 2005 !

1247 miles
Dec. 17 2005
93 miles since I bought my 05 Blue Majesty on January 23rd. It is cold here in Iowa so I can't get much riding in. It was around 50 degrees today so I got about 30 miles of riding.

2005 Blue Majesty
Just 3250 miles since March 2006 -- my commute is only 8 miles, what can I say?

Cajunbass has probably put that on his Beemer by now.
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