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Hyosung MS3

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Korea manufacturer Hyosung has already introduced some fairly well received motorcycles to North America and they have just introduced the MS3 250cc scooter. Here's a link to some info:

http://www.korider.com/PHP-Nuke/modules ... opic&t=337
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Looks a little like the already available Daliem S2-125/250
I wonder if Daleim is making it for Hyosung or vice versa? They're both huge companies.

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More and more new toys coming in from Taiwan and China. Even Thailand and Malaysian scoots are at our "doors". Then there's the competing Europeans.
A buyer really should avoid over-researching. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming.
Nothing could be simpler than bike-buying during the USSR era; "you want bike, Igor? only one choice - Ural".
None of the - should I buy this, or should I buy that - .
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