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I would like some different tires

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Hello all,

Does anyone have any suggestions where I may obtain some really good tires for the Maj? I would like some Michelins. I would also like to get them on-line. I want a better gripping tire. Thank-you for any suggestions in advance.

Rufus :wink:
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Here is a web site I found they have several scooter tire for the Majesty
including the MICHELIN: GOLD STANDARD which looks like a sweet tire but a little pricey compared to the Avons. Hope this helps https://www.cyclewareables.com/pages/sc ... _tires.htm
Thank-you very much for the link. I am wondering if the Michelins come matched, ie front and back, or do you get one tire for the back and then a different tire for the front? I can't remember off hand which Michelin carries but they either have just the front or just the back in the "Gold Standards". Any suggestions?

Thank-you for your help,

Rufus :wink:
Rufus if it was me I would put a set of AM63 VIPER STRYKE or Pirelli Rear 150/70S-13 TL CWGTS24-04 $64 FRONT 120/80P-14 TUBELESS CW0340-0038 $58. I have not heard enough to know which is better so let me know what you get and how it does.
Thank-you Robert. I appreciate tour info. I'll let you know what I go with. I need better meat on the scooter because of the different roller weights. The rear end wants to jump out from under me.

Thanks again,

Rufus :D
All the tyres are specific for front or rear...the size you order determines what you get...don't forget that these are 13 and 14 inch tyres...no one uses them save a very few scooters...Silverwing and Majesty.

Michelin does not import the Gold Standard tyre into the USA in the sizes you need for the Majesty.

Avon is a very nice tyre...Viper Stryke. I ran a set for a while before hitting a deer in NC. They held the road well in mountain twisties at speed with a fully loaded bike.

Pirelli were my first choice, but have been back ordered since April.

Dunlop are on my '06...I'll run them out and switch to Pirelli or Avon.

I recommend using Ride-On tyre compound in any tyre... [ www.ride-on.com ]
Larry what kind of mileage do you think you would have gotten from the Avon? And how's the tires on the 06 doing?
Hi Larry,

Curious about the ride-on you recommend, what can you tell us about it. Does it seem to affect handling or tire life adversely??? How about acceleration...Adding rotating mass is not the hot tip for acceleration enhancement :roll: but I understand you arent doing it for that purpose. I'd like some personal experience story that will convince me I need to do this, if you can do that.

You really like the Avons???? I wonder how they will hold up compared to the IRCs that came standard on the bike. You obviously liked the way they handled.

Thanks for the additional info Larry

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