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In case you're interested in that "other" scooter

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Of all the maxi-scooters, the Majesty and Burgman 400 are the most similar. I would have been swayed to the Majesty side if I didn't find a killer deal on my Burgman.

I've had it for a while and decided to post a review. I've been a long-time contributor at Epinions.com, one of few web sites that survived the dot-com bust. Epinions is the world's largest consumer based review site, definitely the most copied, and is affiliated with Shopping.com, Dealtime.com and Ebay. I had them arrange for the Burgman 400 to be reviewed and posted here:

If you're interested in reading a longish write-up, please do so. I'd like to read any comments you might have particularly on facts and such.

More importantly, if there's interest, I can ask them to prep the site to take Majesty reviews. Let me know. It would be cool to have a greater area of broadcast to post reviews on our maxi-scoots and gain a broader audience. If interested in posting and your bike is no older than two years old and if there is a corresponding Yamaha website (so that the proper info can be taken in.)

If you ride a 2005 Majesty, the site is already taking reviews and you can read them here (there are 12 so far):


BTW, I have no financial interest in Epinions or its affiliates nor do I gain from your posting to the site. Just want to spread the love a bit.

BTW, I go by "sweeper" at Epinions too.

dave B.
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