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Installed my Smuggler! With pictures!

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My Corbin Smuggler came last week, on time.

The shipping box is ginormous!!! 40" x 26" x 19". The part is very well packaged. The box has these words on top: "This box contains a beautiful motorcycle part. Please do not booger it up with your buck knife."

The mounting hardware and manual are shrink wrapped. Unfortunately the heat shrinking boogered up the instructions. Fortunately the same document is available on the Corbin web site.

A couple of views of the Smuggler just out of the wrapping.

After you remove the seat (one screw - fast and easy) you have to attach two of these brackets.

Sparkey was supervising.

The box has a tongue that you push into position on the scooter, then you push the box down on the brackets. The brackets penetrate the botton of the box. From inside the box, you put a screw through each bracket and into a threaded fitting molded into the Smuggler. Alignment is a first class pain in the butt. I am going to be removing and reshaping the brackets.

After half an hour of fussing, I got it on.

Here are the interior and hinges. The grey mat is padding. The hinges hold the lid up if you are very careful. But you have to lower the lid gently, because once it is lowered an inch from the postion shown, it drops heavily. Fibreglass is heavy.

I don't have a picture of the latch. It is okay, I guess, but my more valuable stuff will be under the seat. I worry that it will be a water penetration point.

It is supposed to hold a full-face helmet. Maybe it will hold Blexcroid's, but I chipped the paint on my helmet trying to fit it in there.

It is a full inch from being closed, and this is the closest I got to fitting my lid in there. No matter - mine fits under the front seat nicely.


This is a pretty good piece of kit. For $600 US, it ought to be.

The hinges have some slop, and they drop the lid, so you need to be very careful closing it.

I have not sat on the bike, but I suspect that the Yamaha bum pad makes the Corbin backrest useless.

The seat brushes against the backrest when opening and closing, but it is not a problem.

If I ever wash my scooter, I think that the colour match will prove to be excellent. I don't feel comfortable that the paint is scratch resistant, though, so I am at least going to wax it.

Once you put this thing on, you are going to leave it on. It is not a good idea to swap it in and out often. That screw hole is a weak pount, and replacing it is going to take a lot of time and money. Also, the bike's grab rail is going to get scratched if you don't just leave the Smuggler in place.

I think the looks are good, but not great. I see why the stylist put the shark gills on - to coordinate with the turn signal lenses - but I think they work against the very clean Majesty lines. But I did not get this box for its looks - I got it to hold stuff. I would not have bought it were it ugly, though.

I'll fill it with stuff soon and let you all know how that works out.
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great pics Ron !

im just jealous that the smuggler trunk doesn't fit with the givi top case on.

would be great if it did.

It looks great Ron, it would be perfect if it folded back or slid back to let a passenger ride because you know all the woman like to ride on the prettier galaxy blue scoots :wink:
It looks like you lucked out buying it when you did!!! I was trying to wait till the price goes down a bit! After reading your post I thought I'd go check on it again. It's now up to $799. US!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought $599. was to high now they really made it to much for me to buy one!!

Guess I'll have to wait and buy a used one that somebody ends up not liking!!!!!!

This thing must be gold!!!!!

Holy Toledo! A 33% price increase on a very expensive luxury item when they don't even have an appreciable installed base. I would have thought I was one of the first paying customers. Who is buying these things at that price? Maybe Corbin raises and lowers their prices seasonally?

I went back and checked: Yes, I paid $599 plus $25 shipping. Then I paid another $100 at the border, but that was expected.
What a great looking accessory-- and in galaxy Blue too! I am drooling with envy!!

:twisted: <--Thou shalt not covet thine fellow scooterist's goods! (But it's pretty darned trick!)
So I finally had a chance to take it for a ride. I had it up to 65 mph, and felt no change in handling. Conceivably its streamlined shape actually reduces drag.

In direct sunlight you can see some circular areas in the finish that are lighter than the surrounding paint. Somebody got overly aggressive with a powered buffer.

I wish that there was an option for a tail light and brake light. And I am still not 100% sold on the styling, but I still am very glad to have it.

I'd guess that if three people got together on an order, you could talk them back down to $600.
One picture I should have posted before:

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Is it my imagination, or does the very first picture look like a HUGE Butterball Turkey sitting on the box? :lol: :lol:

Yes, I'm still jealous of your absolutely gorgeous Smuggler!
Looks damn good to me. Now if I can just win the lottery ...
Review of the paint match is here.
Ron, ... it seems a few here have added backrests to make the seat more comfortable... how does the Smuggler work as a backrest?
It does not really help as a back rest with the butt bumper in place. If I really stretch out, I can get a bit of support. But just a bit. Basically, the backrest on the Smuggler interferes slightly when I open and close the seat. For the backrest to be thick enough to reach my back, the seat would have to stay down.

I think you are not far away from getting Sparkey in that Smuggler as an on board mascot, a`la Wingman Jack cartoon in Road Runner magazine...!
No lie...this thing is a MOTHER to install. I spent most of the weekend trying to get the thing on to no avail, and I'm not mechanically challenged. It didn't help that Corbin sent the wrong instructions and they have the wrong instructions posted on their website. The brackets seem way too short. I'll follow up with them and let you know how it goes.

Nice Christmas present! Sorry it is causing you such grief.

The instructions you describe are the instructions that I followed. The Coorbin back seat and the Smuggler fit in the same way. The fit is not good, but mine did go on eventually. I think these things are hand-made, and there may be a lot of variation from one unit to another. I ended up grinding the bracket holes bigger and taking some meat off the top of one of them.

Make sure that the tongue slides in place when you lift the trunk on.

Did you mount the brackets in the way that I show in my first post? Try mounting them with loose bolts and no lock washer, then see if you can get them into the grooves in the trunk. If you need more height in the bracket, try putting the lock washer under the bracket, or adding some flat washers.

Did you cut away the carpet around the holes for the brackets?

Good luck.

As I have said before, once you have it on, leave it on!
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I'm not sure I got the same instructions as you did. In looking at the photo that you posted of the instructions you received, I didn't get those. Your page 2 looks different from mine.
You are right. The web site changed since I got my trunk.
SUCCESS!! Many thanks to RonStewart for the installation advice on the Smuggler. Shimming the brackets with a few washers did the trick.
Now we need to see your pictures...
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