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Installed the Laminar Lip

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I just installed the Lip today on my Majesty with the Givi shield. It really is an improvement. I went for a ride with just my helmet and sun glasses and i didn't get much wind at all. Usually when I ride with just my sun glasses the wind is bad enough that my eyes will water due to the buffetting. It is so much quieter that I can really hear the engine and it really sounds pretty good. It sounds like a singe 400 cc should sound. It was a much more pleasant and comfortable ride with it. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

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Jeff, thanks for the report. I'm guessing that this is the Lip that is designed for the standard Yamaha windshield.

You added the Laminar Lip to the Givi shield? I have noted
considerable flexing of the Givi shield starting at about seventy
indicated. Have you tried the combination at speed? If so
have you experienced any such problems?
After I installed it I took it on the highway and was going 80 indicated and didn't notice any trouble. I took it to 85 for a short time but since the instructions say it takes 24 hours to cure to 90% strength I didn't want to stress it too much. I didn't notice any trouble whatsoever. It may have been designed for the stock screen but I have compared the stock and the Givi and find that they have the same curvature of the shields. I'm going to keep it on. It is a much more comfortable ride with it on.

That's good info Jeff. I like the idea of the increased hand protection of the Givi (it is wider isn't it?) combined with the aerodynamics of the Lip. Sounds like a good combination to me.

Any chance of posting a picture, Jeff?
Yes, I will take a picture and post it. I have never posted a picture but I will try.

Worst case: email it to ron((at))moonset.ca and I will post it for you.
Here are Jeff's pictures:

Thank you Jeff.
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That's nice looking! I may have to save my nickels & dimes for one of those Givis. Great pictures too, Thanks! :thumbright:
I think I will order this soon. The buffeting is maddening. I am 5 feet 6 and the wind blast hits me straight on the helmet.

Thanks for posting the pictures. Did you do anything special? I tried to copy and paste but it would work.

Hi Jeff,
Was just reading about your Gavi windshield and lip. (I think we've corresponded before about windshields...) I've finally gotten up the nerve to ride 101 and really feel the buffeting of the wind w/the stock windshield.

My question is, was there a reason you chose the Gavi windshield over a Yamaha extended windshield? Also, how much is the Gavi and the added

Jeff.......oops! Misspelled "Givi".....(-:
VICKY said:
My question is, was there a reason you chose the Givi windshield over a Yamaha extended windshield? Also, how much is the Givi and the added

A second for Vicky's question: Givi versus Yamaha extended touring shield. Would appreciate further distinction between these options myself.
Vicky and Pegasus,

I bought the Givi because I read that Ron Kerlin, a member here, bought the Yamaha first and didn't like it. He then bought the Givi and wrote that it is better than the Yamaha. I believe I paid about $135 for the Givi and $80 for the Lip. There is also shipping involved too. Depending on how tall you are the Givi may be enough (or how high you sit). You may want to buy the Lip first and try it with your stock shield unless you want the Givi since it is wider and gives some hand protection.

I really like the Givi with the Lip and think it works great for me. When I'm only going 70 mph (indicated) the ride is so smooth and quiet. The Givi just wasn't enough for me. I must sit up high. And Vicky I do remember trading emails. You live in San Mateo if I remember correctly. How do you like your scoot? If you want to see my set up with the Givi and Lip I'm sure that would be possible. I'm not sure how tall you are but you may just need the Givi.

Ron Kerlin wrote an article in the Scooter Rider Magazine about the Majesty and he said he likes the Givi better than the Yamaha screen and also that it is cheaper than the Yamaha.

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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your quick reply. Your info sure helps. Thanks for the offer to see your setup. I would really appreciate that. It would help me in my final decision.

So, I was right, we have emailed before. Thought so, but I've been writing to a few different people on a couple different site, so I wasn't totally sure. It's easy to get involved on numerous subjects, isn't it??

Thanks again!
Hi All,

When I bought my Majesty back in May, I thought then I might want to upgrade the windshield for winter, and now that winter is knocking on our door pretty hard, the question resurfaces. How in blue blazes do you get to the attachment points for the windshield without breaking body panels. Mine seem so securely attached around the windshield and turn signals that I am afraid to put any force on them to break them loose. Any suggestions? I have been experiencing some squeeking and rattling from the stock shield and would like to quell those noises but cant figure out how to get to the fasteners to do so. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

The front top cover was tricky for me as well, I found out the hard way by snapping a clip of. My suggestion would be to carefully take a small screwdriver, and lift the upper most portion out. That particulat section is secured with on of the metal clips so be careful and lift straight up. About halfway below that towards the headlight is another secured area. This is secured by a peg from the cover inserted into a rubber grommet. takes a little effort, but less likely to do any damage. after all four of the areas are lifted (2 on each side) pull straight forword and the panel should release. Good luck. Ride safe all.
Thanks for the tips there...I hope to find some time this coming weekend to check that out...the rest of week is gonna be a blur!!!!

Hotshoe Tom
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