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Installing Fiamm Horn

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There's lots of better horns out there than the Majesty's. I picked the Fiamm low tone horn because another person on this board had installed it with good results.
Stuff you need:
10mm box wrench
12mm box wrench
tube of Loctite
diagonal cutting pliers, box cutter or penknife

The Fiamm low tone horn besides being louder sounds a lot more like a car than the Yamaha's horn. Where I live some people in SUVS think bikes and Honda Civics are road bumps to be driven over so I like sounding like a big Buick.

Anyways: the horn is right underneath the front fairing on the left side (as you sit on the scooter). It is held on by a bracket. Turn the front wheel TOWARDS the horn - then you can get a 10mm wrench in and undo the bracket bolt (I couldn't get a socket wrench to fit).
Disconnect the double wire connector (it just pulls off)
Unbolt the Yamaha horn from the bracket with a 10mm socket.
Unbolt the Fiamm horn from the bracket it came with with a 12mm wrench - save the washers.
The Yamaha bracket had a rubber piece with two metal inserts - push out the inserts.
Now you can bolt the Fiamm horn to the Yamaha bracket - use a drop of Loctite on the threads and use the Fiamm washers.
The Yamaha electrical connector has two connectors the same size as the Fiamm, but they are too close together to fit. They are held together by two V-shaped pieces of plastic - cut these. Now cut about 3/4" of the
protective plastic sheath being careful not to cut the wires or their insulation.
Now you can plug the Yamaha connectors directly to the Fiamm horn.
Bolt on the Yamaha bracket with a drop of Loctite and you are done except since the Fiamm horn is much bigger than the Yamaha make sure it doesn't interfere with the movement of the forks.
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Thanks for letting us know of this worthwhile mod.

This horn is available at Advanced Auto Parts for $11.88. A lot of other parts stores have them too.

I installed one of the Fiamm low tone horns today and it is an improvement over the stock horn and a cheap upgrade. I got it at Advanced Auto parts for $11.88. It's a very easy project and only should take 30 minutes unless you drop the mounting bolt behind the tupperware like I did. That took me just over an hour to retrieve but I learned how a lot of the plastic comes off. My next mods are a light modulator and four 10 gram variator weights both should arrive this week.
Ishabaka said:
There's lots of better horns out there than the Majesty's...
I did this mod today! The new Fiamm horn as a lot more, erm, testosterone than the original... :violent3:

Thanks for the tip on this!
Just did this mod myself last night. Took me a bit longer to do. I had a hard time getting to the bolt that holds horn bracket on. It's definitely in tight spot for me. Also, I had to take some of the tubing off that was holding the 2 wires together that go to the horn. The 2 connectors on the fiamm horn are spread apart enough that I needed more slack on the wires to get them to connect to the horn.

This horn is a definite improvement over Majesty horn.
I just changed my horn today. Thanks for the mod writeup.

The horn is just under $16 these days. I stuffed a rag in the plastic fairing just below the horn before removing the mount bolt. I am glad I did because I dropped the bolt.

It's great to have a much louder horn.
My first mod. Nice.
Did the foam filters today.
Oh, and de-badged it. (Removed the nameplate.)
I have one question....I just mounted low tone horn replacing the high tone original...Has anyone have both the low tone and high tone mounted?....any problems with the wiring and the draw that they take? The low tone is a lot better but with having both, I would think the sound would be much greater....I appreciate any input....Thanks, stay safe out there!!!!
I have the Ear Cannon Air Horn #3837 from Aerostitch and I took it apart to mount the compressor under the hood so to speak, ran an extension tube to the horns then mounted the horn near the windshield. When I get it done I will post some pics. The air extension is limited to about 10 inches which was plenty for it to sound off. I have a couple more things to do on it then I will post some pics.
Did a video on how I installed my Nautilus horn. I was able to put it almost where the original was. see my YouTube channel Lorddarthvader1701.
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