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Insurance for Majesty 400

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Hello everyone - I just got a new 05 Majesty 400 (the faster blue one) and I am interested in what everyone is paying for insurance.
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348 a year full coverage with Progressive.

36 1 ticket for speed-10 over limit
I just got insurance on an 06 Burgman 400 and it was $159 from Geico for 12 months. I assume a Majesty would have been the same amount.

Since we all have different demographics (age, marital status, ect) and levels of coverage it is tough to compare what we all pay. I also got a quote from Progressive and they were slightly higher.
224 a year
44 , no tickets
full coverage, $500 deduct.
I think I'm paying about 350 or so for my Majesty with Allstate. (My wife pays the bills, I really don't know.) I got a quote from progressive that was about the same so I never thought about switching. I've been with Allstate for about 30 years with my cars and boats, and always had good service from them.

I thought the 350 was pretty high for the Majesty, but since I had NO experience with a motorcycle at all, and didn't even have a motorcycle license at the time (not even a learners) I got the policy, and I had a speeding ticket in the last year, maybe it wasn't. (I'm 53 by the way.)

I also haven't passed a Motorcycle Safety Course either.
I'm only paying $99.00 a year! Full coverage, through Proggresive. When I had the 2 Harleys(not full coverage) it was only $149 a year!
Full boat, including loss of income: $212 [ 58 yrs. old, clean lic.]
is the blue one really faster?
Obviously M/C insurance is a lot less in the USA than it is here in Canada. I'm paying $522 (Canadian $$ obviously which would be approx. $450 US) for $1000 deductible collision, $750 deductible comprehensive. I'm 58 with a clean record, no tickets.
I shopped around and this was the best rate I could find.
I was quite happy with this because it was almost $400 less than my previous ride - Suzuki Volusia (now boulevard) 800.
$130 Progresive
57 y/o, 1 speeding ticket, $250 deductable
$125 from Progressive for full coverage and $250 deductible. Clean record and age 62.
Why is insurance in Canada so insanely expensive compared to the States.
That's a question that came to mind when I saw how much better off you Americans were. I don't have a definite answer but here are a few possibilities:
1. Smaller population = fewer customers = fewer premiums.
2. Many insurance companies won't touch motorcycles/scooters = less competition.
3. Canadians are generally easy going and won't complain (but this is changing)
4. I live in a fairly highly population dense area (about 4 million people in a 40 mile radius) which usually leads to higher premiums.

there are probably others but that's all I can think of right now.

Not sure how it breaks down at the moment, but I just renewed the annual full-coverage policy for both 2003 FZ1 and 2005 Majesty for $368. Not sure the specs on the policy either ... will look it up later.
Gawd!! I'm paying $775 out here in BC! Thats for the full meal deal, collision, comprehensive yadda yadda....

We are charged by displacement, with each class going up significantly.

1. 0-109cc
2. 110-399cc
3. 400-750
5 1000+

They also charge alot more for collision depending on the value of the bike.

None the less, my a** still hurts after every renewal!
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Red Herring said:
Gawd!! I'm paying $775 out here in BC! Thats for the full meal deal, collision, comprehensive yadda yadda.... None the less, my a** still hurts after every renewal!
Insurance rates vary significantly between locales due to things like theft rates (particularly for a particular vehicle in your area), loss rates (uninsured/underinsured accidents, floods, hurricanes, etc), and what the market can bear (caching! how rich is your area). This is on top of the age and gender of the drivers in the household, age of the vehicle, and actual driving record of the drivers. Insurance companies in many states also can factor in your credit record in setting your insurance rate. They claim that people with poorer credit have more accidents. :roll: Bottom line: it's really tough to compare because it's not exactly "apples to apples".
The best thing to do is spend a day calling around and getting a bunch of quotes. Multi-car discounts and multi-policy (auto-homeowners) usually are the best discounts, but remember to ask about an MSF or defencive drivers discount and any other ways you can get a discount.
I pay $112/yr with Esurance. Full coverage $500 deductibles Homeowner, clean driving record (mine not the wife (she totalled 3 vehicles in 12 years))
1. Progressive: $75 year for liability; around $200 for full coverage.
2. 56 yrs. old
In Texas I am paying $250 with $500 deductable and MSF discount from Foremost. They advertise heavily in motorcycle magazines. I am age 74 with a clean record and good credit. I don't know if 74 is an asset or liability. I didn't check Progressive or GEICO because I hate their commercials on every channel, every hour, every day. I wish somebody would step on that damn lizard. They both must pay out more for advertising than claims.
You would think motorcycle insurance would be cheaper farther north because you probably aren't on the road a big part of the year. I ride year round.
Folks in B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario get SC****D on insurance rates..thank goverment insurance systems for that.

I am 54, in Alberta and pay $152. a year for the Majesty, full coverage for the full year, not just the riding season. that's through the Alberta Motor Association, but I had quotes from a couple of other companies in the same general ballpark.

In Alberta, a scooter is anything under 400cc with automatic or clutchless shifting. A Burgman or Silverwing is more expensive, as is a T-Max, but not by a lot ( a friend with a Burgman 650 pays $206/year)

BTW, I live in Calgary, which has the greatest population in the province and as a result the highest premiums. If I moved to a smaller community, my rates would go down from 20-50 bucks a year
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