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Is the Majesty comfortable?

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How would people describe the ride... especially the rear "shocks."
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The only time I think mine rides "poorly" is when I hit a "pressure ridge" in the road. You know one of those speedbump like deals that push up randomly. Then it's a very sharp BUMP. Probably the result of the small wheel/tire combination.

I ride mine78 miles one way to work, and I would say that overall it is reasonably comfortable. My legs get a little cramped, but I'm able to move them about so that helps. I think it would be worse if I had to keep my feet on pegs. I'm 6' and weigh about 300 pounds, and I love to ride it, even in cold weather.

Hope that helps some.
Here in the U.K. we are plagued with "Speed Bumps" in the roads to keep us slow, this plays havoc with the front fork seals, the constant pounding wears them out quickly.

As for the rear shocks, mine were firm/hard, I hit a pothole in the road last week and both shocks now have a covering of oil on them, I presume the pressure forced some out of the shocks, anyway, since then the ride is great, nice and smooth. There was only slight leakage so I hope they last. :lol:
Houston is plagued with terrible railroad crossings, and lots of them. I have to cross them frequently and thus far, no problems with the fork seals. Thank you for the heads-up.
I think the front forks are nearly perfectly balanced for the big scoot. The rear shocks are bit trickier to understand. They feel stiff, but then when forced they do have a decent amount of travel. I have become more comfortable with the rear shocks and really don't complain about them much any more. There is still a sharp jolt from the rear when hitting large (should be illegally large) pot holes and such, but even on relatively smooth roads, the ride is superb.

On tight twistys, leaned over close to scraping, if there are bumps, you will feel the rear lost some composure. If it is smooth, it feels like a nimble sport bike. Overall, I give it a strong B+ or A- considering the length, wheel size and price of the machine ... not to mention its intended ride style.
I read a letter in "Motorcycle Consumer News" where a guy had 240,000 miles on a Kawasaki with the original fork seals. He pried up the dust covers and put a small piece of felt soaked in synthetic 5w-30 motor oil around the top of each fork seal and changed the felt once a year - this might help. People also say to spray WD-40 into the gap between the dust seals and the forks regularly. Don't know if it's an urban myth or really helps.
One thing I know helps - check your fork tubes regularly. If they get hit by a stone and have a sharp ding in them it's going to wear out the fork seal - sand it smooth with crocus cloth - this is VERY fine emery cloth.
The Majesty's front fender has little fork shields built in to prevent this but they don't cover 100% of the fork. Kudos to Yamaha for the design tho.
Yes, it's comfortable...
A pleasure to ride for 50 miles. OK for the next 50. Goes downhill from there... Just an opinion and you know what they're like¿
What Glenn said....

Basically about 2 hours is the comfort limit...after that I REALLY need to get off and walk around...the ride is firm and well controlled. I prefer that to a soft cushy ride, even if I am in the saddle for a while...it sure doesn't ride like a Lincoln, more like a late model Corvette.

I'd love to have a seat that I could sit on for 8 hours a day...but I don't think I'll ever find one that will allow that.
Yeah, I think two hours would be about the limit. One hour is fine.

Tom, I liked the last avatar much better.
I have to say it's one of the top 3 most comfortable rides I've ridden, the wide seat and plenty of leg room. I weight in at 243lbs so the rear shocks are great for me with or without a passenger. Then with the rear trunk my wife feels quiet comfortable and we have a nice gap between us to keep cool. Short of a Goldwing I don't think you could go wrong with this scooter just my opinion. Rob
Comfort is always subjective ... on the FZ1 forum there are some folks who cannot ride for more than 30 minutes without extreme discomfort ... I rode mine from Texas to California and back doing up to 800 miles per day. I am sure there were times when it wasnt so comfy, but I honestly do not recall any moment when I thought, "I am never doing this again".

The Majesty is a very comfortable ride for me, but I do find the ergonomics want me to get off and stretch every 1.5 - 2 hours ... which works out really conveniently with fuel stops. I would not hesitate to ride it cross-country, but I do not think I could do more than 500 miles per day simply because there are not many riding adjustments you can do once underway. The FZ1 worked out nicely simply because with the foot pegs underneath, I could put more pressure on my legs to relieve the buttocks and a few other little techniques to change it up. On the scoots, it is not easy to use your legs to accomplish the same thing ... but it is much more comfy on the arms and wrists.
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The new avatar was something that reflects what I do for a living...and I am not sure the previous one reflects my personality...or maybe it does??? i dunno, anyway I thought I would try something new...maybe I'll start a new thread about my avatar and see what people like...any thoughts???
My only problem so far is my pants... I wear regular jeans right now and after awhile they get tight in the knees and "other" places! So I find myself sliding around on the seat trying to loosen up the squeeze, but I never can get comfortable after that. I wore some loose cargo pants once and I rode for more than 2 hours with no problem. Occasionally on hot days I'll slide up on top of the backrest and let the air flow under me for a real nice cooling effect! Looks funny I'm sure, but it sure feels good! I never have gotten "monkey butt", so I guess it all depends on how the seat fits you.

Now before anyone says anything about my jeans, I do wear gloves, boots, a jacket, and full face helmet. I just have not been able to find any pants that will fit correctly. I have a 35 inch waist and 29 inch inseam and none of the pants I've tried will work with this combination. If I get 36 inch waist, the pants are baggy and the knee protection is on my shins. If I get 34's the pants are tight and the knees still fall on my shins! Not to mention the 3 inches of pant cuff bunched up on my boots regardless of what size I get! The only way to get what I need is to have 3 inches taken out above the knee which will make them the right length and put the knee protection on the knees. But I've never heard of anyone altering pants in this way... have any of you?
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Have a look at Firstgear motorcycle riding pants. They come in solids and mesh style as well as different inseam lengths:

Thanks for the info and link... I'd like some riding jeans like the one Icon makes with the stretch knees and crotch, but I haven't found any in "short" lengths!
What a minute!!!! We are supposed to wear clothes on scooters! I did not see that in the manual ... how embarrassing :oops:
Texas, you did it again....waaayyyy to funny! to that point there is a scooter club up in new england that does a winter nudie ride each year...I forget the web address, but they go out and ride a pretty long ways barea**ed every year and manage to avoid getting arrested...
Compared to last year there are quite a bit more scooters than last summer. I do notice scooter riders especially the vespa riders prefer the half helmet, you know the kind where you chin is exposed and the shield is really big.

I couldnt wear that kind of helmet from a safety standpoint.
I think the majesty is comfy. But I also need to stretch every so often. You can move your legs around more than on a motorcycle.

But being in one position on any vehicle for a length of time can get uncomfortable.
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