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Is this possible

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Saw a used 2005 Majesty at a dealership reportedly purchased about a year ago (warranty expired) and subsequently returned with only one mile on the odometer. Have not reason to suspect any shinanigans, reps were very forthright, scoot looks good and even got to take it for a spin around the lot during which I put about 1 1/2 miles on it. But, despite a plausable explanation........how do they do that?! Seems like it's one of those things that's in the to good to be true or buyer beware category. Before considering a purchase is there anything a cautious buyer should do. Thanks.
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Sounds funny to me. I would ask to see the previous owners registration or other paper work pertaining to the original sale. Personally I wouldn't buy something with such low mileage and no warranty. Quite often problems rear thier ugly head in the first few weeks/months/miles of ownership.

This is an easy one. Husband buys scooter. Husband brings home scooter. Wife sees scooter. Wife sees credit card bill. Husband sleeps on sofa for a week. Scooter goes back to dealership. Husband remodels the kitchen. Life returns to marital bliss.
But home is 1/2 mile from dealer?
i would be a little suspect at this one. ask the dealer if they would be willing to give you a 3 month warranty, that way you have some peice of mind.

it's possible the scooter was trailered to the buyers house ?

But even then, mine was bought new and it had 3km on the clock.
the dealer that i bought it from test rides all their bikes after assembly.
this helps make sure that they did the job right.

it might be genuine. if they would give you some form of warranty, it might be worth a go.

Go with your 1st instinct. Sounds like you are put off by this so I suggest you follow your instinct and avoid buying it.
How much do they want for it? It might be worth paying to run a http://carfax.com/ search on it. Or ask for the name of the original buyer and give him/her a call. Maybe someone bought it for their spouse and they decided they did not want it. I bought my Burgman in January and it was delivered to my garage on a trailer with about a mile on it.
What do you know about the dealer? I cannot see any reason not to name names here.
Proposed price on the 05 would be about 4950 OTD. Saw an 06 for about 5700 OTD. Don't know if the price differential makes the 05 a better deal or not. What type of warranty would a dealer offer in such a circumstance. Would it be an in-store or some type of Yamaha extended warranty?
Another scenario: the scoot spent the first two weeks in September completely submerged in New Orleans. The original paperwork that explains this was somehow inexplicably lost.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
If the front end of the Majesty were smashed and the instrument cluster had to be replaced, would that reset the mileage to zero? Will the dealer sell the extended warranty?
My scoot was purchased with a damaged front end and I had to replace several front pieces including gage parts. New gages will show no mileage just like on a new scooter. I would have someone who knew about bikes or scooters to look and ride it before I bought it !
Thanks for all comments and advice--situation unchanged and still researching/investigating.
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