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Jeff from Fremont, California

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I have a 2005 Majesty with about 3800miles. I bought this about 4-5 months ago and live in Fremont, California. Love the Majesty.

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Welcome Jeff. :D
Thanks All and nice site Bryan.

Hi Jeff,

I used to live in Fremont many years ago. Left california in 1963 and finally made it back for a visit two years ago. Niles has changed a lot since I was there but I really miss it. I just bought my Majesty about 2 weeks ago and really enjoy it. If it were any faster it would be illegal and way too tempting to ride too fast. Anyways, nice to see someone from my old stomping grounds.
Hi Jeff,
Gary also from Fremont. I got my majesty Monday from Burger Bob of the group. I wonder where you go for service on your bike? My rear tire has a nail in it and Bob is going to bring the new one to me when he gets it and I want to know where you've had your work done.
My phone is 573-1913
Gerald! Hello and welcome to MUSA! I guess I let you sneak right past me there! I know you're goinna like it here! There are some Majesty owners over at the sister site also www.burgmanusa.com . Both sites have a wealth of knowledge ready for the picking!

Have fun!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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