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John and his 06 Red Majesty say hello from Los Angeles

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New to the Majesty and loving it. Started with a Reflex about 2400 miles ago and then Just last week a used 06 with only 240 miles popped up at an unbelievable price. I feel like a happy thief and have a nice red 04 Reflex for sale.
JOhn :D :lol: :p
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Congrats and welcome!!! :D

Welcome along to the forum and the wonderful world of Majesties. Tel us about your new scoot. Is it one of the fast & sexy blue ones or the slower silver or charcoal ones?? I guess there's still "resale red" too... :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)
Blexcroid said:
or the slower silver or charcoal ones?? I guess there's still "resale red" too... :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)
Yah, but us charcoal grey ones sneak by you guys in the shadows!!! :lol:


Hi, I just joined this site too. I bought a Reflex first like you did and and then bought a Majesty a couple of months later. The Reflex is a very good scoot but I enjoy the Majesty better. Did you do the K-mod on your Reflex. Welcome.

Well it is not resale red as it is a new color for the 06 model. I bought this baby with 200 miles on the ODO and 2 months on the Regristration. It popped up in the recycler and was the color I was waiting for. That alone was a miracle but then The price was so low that i am still waiting for something to go wrong. I could sell it today and 20% on my onvestment. But that is not about to happen any time soon.
The Maj. is a bigger heavier and more powerful Reflex. Although it is bigger it feels a little more cramped when seated and I am only 5'8".
I did not do the Kmod on the flex but it is still quicker out of the hole than the maj. But only out of the hole the hole being about half the intersection, after that thank god for the but bumper. Some times it feels like it could do a wheelie. I wonder what the 0 to 60 time is on this scoot.
On the freeway the Maj is more tamed than flex and easier to split lanes, or ride the white with, I like the extra throttel and instant acceleration at speed, this scoot can power you out of some situations, while the flex was almost flat out at freeway speed.
Another plus for me is the excellent lighting, I use high beam in daylight hours and noticed on my first freeway trip that cars moved aside much quicker due to the more efficient lighting on the Maj.
:p :p :p
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I think you said all that and still didn't say what color it is¿?
Well it is not resale red so it must be the deep Red that the 06 ships with.
I am an avid believer in rides with colors that stand out. Yellow or white would great.

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