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JV Butt Extender for the Majesty

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Just want to mention the JV adaptor is now available for the Yamahas.
Just ordered mine.

I also contacted Corbin about the seat., I wanted one with a higher back rest and theirs is close in height to original seat. Contacted their rep in person and asked if they could make a custom seat that was higher and they never even got back to me. So hooray for Jac V.

Also, someone told me corbin seats are very hard. You either love em or hate em and to sit on one first before putting out the big bucks.
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I guess I should've filled in the subject. i wasn't talking about a 12V adapter. The adapter is to turn the buttrest into a driver backrest.
Could you provide pictures and/or a link, please?
I had JV design it for me over a year ago-- I was jealous of the backrest the Burgman bikes had. Great product, but I did not like how the Yamaha butt bumper looks. I finally found someone on BurgmanUSA who was selling a JV extender and a Burgman bumper. I am much happier with the appearance of the Burgman bumper over the Yamaha as a backrest.
Pictures are posted here
RonStewart said:
Could you provide pictures and/or a link, please?
I just checked the Jac Vinson site and there was no mention of the Majesty. It may be worth contacting him though - here's the link:


Thanks for the pictures on the burgman backrest. Definitely looks better. I also found that the angle the yamaha buttrest was at actually didn't provide the support I wanted. The buttrest is about 9 inches wide and only about 2 inches was in contact with my back at the angle it was at.
Tried to bend it more forward. Even with a vice, I was not able to do it.

It also seemed much too high. After a 150 mile ride, my back was killing me and it never hurt with the original buttrest. The burgman backrest is much wider and sits much lower in your picture, providing the support needed.

I actually bought a backrest from a honda goldwing to put on it but I have to take it to a shop to cut off the top two screw holes to get it to fit. Just haven't had time lately.

Must find a burgman backrest, it even looks great. I just went back to original seat.

So I'm off for a 2000 mile trip next weekend without one.

First long trip - I'll see if I come back and feel 30 or feel 80. Time will tell.

Sorry I didn't respond to the link. I just got to read forum again. I had just typed in a search engine for jac vinson backrest and it came up.
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