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Keith From SD, CA

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Hi, I am from San Diego, CA. I have had my Majesty for 1 year. It has almost 6000 mi. on it. I really like it. I wanted to get a Vespa Granturismo, but my wife forced me to get the Majesty and I am glad she did because I like it better now. I am interested in the reviews of the Leo Vince exhaust for the Majesty and the clear turn signals I see on some of the japanese and euro models. I want to figure out how to put a avatar in my sig, too.

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Welcome Keithfries. You have quite a few miles under your belt already. Ask your question about the exhaust in the Majesty section. It may take awhile for someone familiar with that exhaust to answer as MajestyUSA is only one week old.

To upload an avatar of your own, it must be smaller than 9Kb and the pixel size must excede 160x160. You can upload it in your profile. You can also choose an avatar from the avartar gallery also located in your proflie.
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