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Kymco Xciting 500

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thegelding said:
yep, closest looking to the TMax of all the maxi scoots...well priced and Kymco is getting a good rep for reliability...

no fuel injection (has a carb), but linked brakes...same size as the TMax but likely not quite as fast...and bigger CVT unit on the side...much prefer the TMax, but the Xciting is likely my second choice...when it comes out i will test drive it and the Majesty and make my choice...leaning to the Xciting for it's engine size and looks (especially the passenger pegs vs molded floor for passengers) and because i am slightly peeved about there not being a TMax available here...don't want to reinforce to Yamaha that all America wants is the Majesty...at the same time, if i like the Majesty's ride more than the Xciting, well i ain't gonna shoot myself in the foot over it...but i hear the Xciting rides very nice and it is getting good reviews
I too am interested in seeing the Kymco Xciting 500 for sale in the U.S. Kymco has a good reputation and this big scoot has received some nice reviews in Europe and Asia.

I am curious, however, if anyone has received any real confirmation that it will reach our shores this year? The Xciting 500 has been on Kymco USA's website for about two years now. It has been shown to dealers in the States for over three. Yet, according to my Kymco source, as of mid December he had no confirmation that the 499cc engine being used had passed the appropriate EPA testing. He did say Kymco is promising that it will come, but they did that in 2005 and in 2004.

Also, while not on their website yet, my source says that the Kymco Xciting 250 should be here this spring. It uses the same 249cc engine that is the Grandvista, which has already received EPA certification.
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Don't know if it's true but..
From a Kymco dealer I heard that Kymco over imported their quota last year and was caught so they could'nt bring the X bikes in till spring of this year as in May?
Worse yet 250's first then the 500s.
Don't bother writing to Kymco asking about when they'll be avail as they won't get back to you.
I wrote three times in three months (used their Contsct Us.link at their site) never a word back.
mailto: [email protected]
That concerned me as it shows a lack of customer service. Not even a standard reply. Disapointed? Sure.
I've heard so much good about this company I'm a little disheartened.
I asked them about the 500 about this time last year & recieved a
prompt reply. They said the bike would be here sometime last
summer. I finally gave up & bought a Majesty.
Just for fun, find a photo of the Kymco Xciting 500 profile and place it next to the profile of a Yamaha Tmax 500. The Tmax is higher spec in many regards, but there should be no suprise as to where the Kymco gets its looks: it's a dead ringer for the TMax
Go to www.kymcousa.com and click on the "dealer" tab.
Looks as if they have a lot of dealers lined up, in the USA.

Wonder what kind of engine has?
I wouldn't be surprised to find that it had a Yamaha engine.

In Cincinnati
I've heard quite a bit about the Xciting, but never heard that either engine was by any company other than Kymco.
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