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Laguna Blvd --> Laguna West

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Got a glimpse of Charcoal Majesty near Laguna Blvd and Interstate 5 in Elk Grove on my way to picnic day at UC Davis last Saturday. Who are you?
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That could have been "GoodIdeaDave", who is on this board and lives in Elk Grove. I believe he and his wife both have Majesty's.

Oh, and 73!

Dave (AA6VH)
Nope, it wasn't either of us. We have three boys playing baseball, and spend our Saturdays lugging equipment bags in our van instead of riding.

73s, Dave
(formerly WB9YHD, until I forgot and let my license lapse. DOH!)
goodideadave said:
(formerly WB9YHD, until I forgot and let my license lapse. DOH!)
:shock: :shock: Need a VE to take a quick retest? 8) :D I may be out there in late July on business.
At least take the technician test in the next couple of weeks before it changes. Then you can request your old call and preserve it. Most Hams can pass the Tech test in their sleep. :wink:

73, Blex K5LLE
There sure are a lot of hams or pseudo-hams (like me). I got my novice license back when you still needed to know morse code. I keep renewing it but don't have equipment finding FRS and Cell phones do what I need. My address is usually at least 1 move behind me. Can an old novice upgrade to Tech without having to retest on code?
Thanks for the offer, blex, but I believe all my ham knowledge has slowly leaked out of my brain. Even if I did have my call sign back, it would just be one more thing I don't have time for and that would really, really tick me off!
Could have been me. I have a 2004 charcoal Majesty. I live in the Pocket Area and go to Laguna and Elk Grove often. Usually south on I-5 then back up 99 if I have business on Stockton.

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