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Laminar Lip on stock Majesty windscreen

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I put a laminar lip on my stock 2006 Majesty windscreen yesterday. Thought some people might be interested in my impressions. First, I am 6'3" tall and live in Jacksonville FL, where the temp is above 90 degrees from May through November (often). It's getting up to 80 today. Therefore I really DON'T want a lot of wind protection unlike folks living up north where it's cold. I had an '84 Gold Wing Interstate a long time ago and it had nearly 100% wind protection and was unbearably hot to ride in Florida. My main complaint with the stock windshield was helmet buffeting - it was severe.
Lip was easy to install. Rode today at speeds up to 60mph indicated. I would say helmet buffeting is reduced about 50% - it is still there, but bearable. I get plenty of breeze on my arms and chest - again, I want this, if I still lived in Montreal Canada (my hometown) I would want the larger Yamaha or Givi windshield and the leg deflectors.
There is noticeably more flexing of the windscreen. I just don't feel confident with those four sticky dots holding the thing on especially as I sometimes exceed the speed limit. I'm going to get the plastic screws that the Laminar Lip company offers to send you for free.
The whole thing is below my line of sight. If anyone is short and wants to know if it interferes with your vision I can have my 5'2" wife sit on it and let you know :lol:
It's a lot of money to pay for a piece of plastic but all cycle accessories are overpriced. The reduced buffeting makes it worth it for me, it is so much more pleasant to ride now.
Hope this helps.
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i am 173cm tall (about 5'6") and i too think the stock screen is too short.

i was thinking about adding the lip, but i dont want to be looking through the lip. i prefer to be able to look over the screen, not through it.

but i still want to reduce the wind noise and buffeting.
i would be interested in your wife's point of view with the lip fitted.


OK, but please wait until Sunday as she is working until then. Will put about 1 1/2" padding on saddle so she approximates your height. I wouldn't want to be looking through the lip, it's double curve definitely causes distortion.
gpsnut2003 - got wife in Majesty today. She is 128cm. She could see over the stock Majesty windscreen but was looking through the lip. I put about 5cm of padding under her figuring this would raise her to your height (thinking 1/2 your height is in the legs, 1/2 in the torso) - she was still looking through the Lip and said she didn't like looking through it.
The good news is the Lip can be mounted at any height you want. The stock Yamaha windscreen is curved only in the horizontal plane. The Lip also curves away from the rider in the vertical plane. I think this is one of the major factors diverting wind from your head. The lip is held on by four 3M double sided sticky dots. You could mount the Lip at any height you pleased so you could look over it. I have it as high as possible due to my height. The Lip also comes with a spare set of four adhesive dots in case you don't like how you first mount it and want to do it over.

I'm really interested in how you mounted your GPS - is it fixed or removable? I'd like one I could switch from my scooter to my van.
How'd you wire it? A picture wound really be nice. Thanks.
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it's removeable, and can be easilyu transported from vehicle to vehicle.
there are plenty of pics in the gallery section.

if you need more info, just ask.

thanks for the info on the lip. i might give it a go.

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