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Again, this is written for the new mechanic in mind.
Having a single-cylinder engine the Majesty tends to vibrate - this can cause nuts and bolts to work loose and worse case scenario fall off.
The answer for this is a substance called Loctite which you can buy at any auto parts store - it is a "thread locking compound" which means it glues the two fasteners together so they won't vibrate loose.
First there are two main types - blue - this is what you want - it is designed for parts you will want to loosen in the future
Red - YOU DON'T WANT THIS! - this is for semi-permanent installations - you need a 3 foot long wrench to loosen this stuff.
For Loctite to work the parts must be free of rust (a wire brush in a Dremel tool works well) and oil - spray with brake cleaner, not carburetor cleaner which leaves faint lubricating film. Apply a SMALL drop of Loctite, torque to fastener correctly and stop worrying about it. It also fastens metal bolts to threaded plastic very well.

Blexcroid asked me to write some articles for this thread - including one on the homemade Variator removal tool - please give me a little time, I don't need one since I have an impact driver but I WILL make one and post some pics. Afterwards if anyone wants it I'll sell it for the cost of materials and shipping - probably $20-$25 - this will allow you to change your variator weights and drive belt yourself.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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