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Lost bolt - a danger?

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After having it out for the winter, I put the battery back into my
Majesty this weekend.

While doing so I lost one of the 2 bolts for the battery terminals.
I was threading the bolt onto the negative terminal fastener when it
got away from me and fell down in behind the battery and through a
hole. (Where did it go? Is it somewhere that it could be a danger
to the working mechanisms of the scooter?)

In the limited space I could reach with a single finger at a time; I
couldn't find it. And the holes are too small to stick one of those
conventional magnet retriever thingies through (I tried mine--
wouldn't fit). Yikes! My helper & I jostled the Maj but couldn't
hear the lost bolt rattling around and nothing dropped through.

My first thought was to remove the Maj's seat to see if that would
reveal where the lost bolt might've gone. But despite my fairly
respectable set of tools, I couldn't find one that fits the bolt at
the rear of the seat (the one at the rear of the seat upholstery).

Long story short--I gave up on the search for the lost bolt. I found
a replacement bolt, screwed down the last battery terminal, tested
that the engine would start and replaced Cowling A. Then I took Her
Majesty for the first ride of the season--a short 30 kilometres ride.
Nothing bad happened--I had a wonderful ride.

Question to the forum: Is it safe for me to forget about that lost
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I hate loose nuts and bolts, but technically speaking I think it can do no harm.
Those things at the rear inside of the seat a Yamaha quick release fasteners. You poke the middle with a phillips head screwdriver tip and they pop loose - this allows you to remove the rear cowling over the battery.
I really doubt a lost bolt in the area where you lost it will do any harm.
texascycle said:
I hate loose nuts and bolts, but technically speaking I think it can do no harm.
Thank you for your insight texascycle. I've ordered the Maj's service manual from my dealer. Hopefully with it I can figure out where the lost bolt got to.

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