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I'm parting out a 2006 Majesty 400 plus selling some new parts I bought.
I will ship and I accept PayPal. Actual shipping charges (no extra 'packaging fees,' etc.) and if you use PayPal, the PayPal transaction fee (2.9% of cost + $0.30 - Sorry, I hate that fee, too.) will be added. If you buy several things, I will work with you on the price and I will combine the shipping so the parts will be delivered as cheaply and safely as possible. I am located in the Raleigh, NC, area, and I am willing to drive to meet anyone who buys anything from me. If you have any questions, please let me know.


All parts are for a Silver 2006 Yamaha Majesty YP400V and are used unless otherwise noted. I have the Yamaha part numbers for each part if you need them. If you have any questions about my asking price, let me know. Some prices are a little firmer than others.


Footrest Board, right - $20.00

Footrest Board, left - $20.00

Footrest Mat Set - $15.00

Battery Cover - $20.00
Cover below Taillight - $20.00
Passenger Seat Handle - $160.00
Taillight Unit Assembly - $110.00

Side Cover Below Footboard, left - $25.00
Side Cover Below Footboard, right - $25.00

Side Cover Below Seat, Left - $50.00
Side Cover Below Seat, Right - $50.00

Fender, Inner (Skid Plate) - $30.00

Engine Control Unit Assembly, 1 {new} - $250.00
Engine Control Unit Assembly, 1 used w/ approx. 5 miles on it - $200.00

Cowling, color - Deep Red Metallic - small crack and chip - $80.00
Front Flasher Assemblies, Left and Right - 2 sets - $50.00 for a left/right set
or $30.00 each flasher assembly
Front Fender Assembly - Deep Red Metallic - $30.00

Stay, Mount for Engine Control Assembly, Relays, Horn {new} - $75.00

Switch, Handle, Right - $30.00
Switch, Handel, Left - $90.00
Throttle Grip - $5.00

Handlebar with left grip - {both new} - $35.00

Frame assembly, subframe assembly, footrest assembly, wiring harnesses, coil, etc. - $750.00

If you have any questions or need any other parts (I have a lot more parts), let me know.
Thanks for looking!

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I'm interested in the piece of the taillight assembly that has the Yamaha emblem on it, I believe you refer to it as the battery cover. Lost mine while out riding the other day.

Email me: jerry dot mowery at gmail dot com

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As a courtesy, (and to avoid frustration) please send a PM or email to the member with your parts request. The PM should trigger an email to alert them that someoine has sent them a PM.

Not all members will check the forum postings daily when they're parting out a scoot. :wink:
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