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Had same problems, some one must have used a impact to install mine! I cut off the lower handle bar cover first, then ended up stripping the first nut under it that you use to back off and remove handle bar holder. I found a pitman arm remover at the auto parts store for around $9 or $10 bucks, an import that was close/ It took quite a while with a body grinder to under cut it and a few cuts on the handlebar holder it self. Then with a big breaker bar it was all I could do to crank it down. I quit to rest and it popped off all by it self with in 30 sec of when I stopped putting pressure on it. I probably should have had a big torch on it to make it easier.

To get the pitman arm puller under and to fit on I did have to use a small cold chisel to remove the nut I stripped in order to get the room for the puller. was lucky and did not damage any threads on the steering stem.
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