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Majesty or 2007 Burgman 400

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Read the changes Suzuki made for the 2007 400. Looks like a Majesty. 14" front wheel and a DOHC motor. Larger storage space and less frequent maint. Was really sold on the Majesty, but maybe not. :? This is the first year for this motor and not sure about it. Majesty has a good track record. We will see. :roll:
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Let's hope Suzuki increased the valve adjustment interval with the new 400.
So with all the updates it is almost on par with the Majesty ... so, why would you pick a Suzuki?
Almost on par is right.......
You still have to lift the whole seat to get under it
Still has 1 low beam and 1 high
slightly smaller gas tank
single shock absorber
Personal taste, but the wheels look harder to clean, they still use the chrome bicycle mirrors and the front fairing design is not as "clean".
I will give credit to the double disc brakes (will the pads last twice as long or stop twice as fast?) and the 12v outlet ( $1.99 harbor freight and some heavy lampcord).
Buy what you like and God bless. 2 wheelin is the nuts :D
I'm considering getting a Burgman. But it wil lbe the 650, and it will be to get the bigger bike. I'm a big guy.
The 650 is a different machine altogether ... I like it but way too much $$$ in my opinion. If it were a grand more, I would call it a best buy if you are doing more highway riding or two up. I already have a bigger bike, so for me the 400 is the perfect balance of power, agility, and economy.

My FZ1 gets the same or better fuel economy than the Burger sixfitty and an extra 100 hp to boot.

But as far as scoots go, I think Burgman 650 is the ultimate all-out scoot right now. Can't wait to see who raises the bar.
Still, I would love to see a direct K7 Burgman 400 vs Maj 400 comparison. I'm sure there's more there than meets the eye.
True, it is ugly compared to the Majesty :lol:
There is a issue with some of the '07 Burgman 400's. If you go to Burmanusa.com site there is a problem with the clutch on some bikes. There is a guy named Meadeball that is having real issues and is trying hard to work with Suzuki to fix it. Other than that is sounds like a good bike, like the Majesty.

That would be me! It appears Suzuki may finally have an answer to their squealing transmission issue. I'll be finding out in the next few days.

BTW, I considered both bikes heavily before finally deciding on the 2007 Burgman 400. As for which one looks nicer, well, I know it's a matter of personal taste, but ...

Happy riding!
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Congrats ... hope you enjoy it. It is certainly a nice looking bike in its own right.
I have no regrets getting the 650 Burgman. It is waaayyyyyyyy to much fun.

05 Majesty Mini Trike
05 Silver Bullet Burgman 650
I've been following the saga over at BurgmanUSA and I have say that as nice as the '07 Burgman 400 is, even when they do solve the squealing problem, (as I'm sure they will, eventually) I, personally, will stay away from Suzuki in general due to the way they have been dealing with thier customers legitimate problems.
Besides, what could possibly be better than a Majesty?

To me it seems if your into a 400, the Majesty more then the Burgman is the way to go. If your after a 600 or more, the Burgman more then the Silverwing, is the way to go.
I bought a 2006 Burgman 650 back in Oct. 2006. I love it the ride is great!
I use it mainly when me and my wife ride 2 up. It really is a very nice touring bike. I'll keep it, we both love it. :D

I just purchased a 2007 Majesty, I will use it for around town and 1 up riding! It is very nimble to ride. The comparison between the Burgie and the Majesty is well they are very different in my opinion.

I would suggest riding them both, then decide.

I learned to ride on the Burgie, and it made me causious to my surroundings and car drivers. I guess because it is such a big and fast bike. :shock:
When I made a choice, I knew the new K7 was coming out and I had just been through the 1st year blues with my macbook and while I liked many of its features, I chose to let the bugs shake out and went with the Majesty. I did have a Burger 650 at one time and is was too big and heavy IMO. Urban riding and steep hills were a hassle.
I had no problem chosing the Majesty over the 400 Bergman, but that was two years ago. If I had it to do now I would choose the Berman for two reasons. The 12 Volt outlet (Why in the heck can't Yamaha add that?)
The instrument panel is much easier to read in the daylight. I(t finally dawned on me why. They have black lettering on a white background instead of white lettering on a black background. It is far easier to see how fast you are going.
Hi Gruntled,
The problem you have reading the instrumentation is certainly because you are wearing polarized sunglass, just tried with regular sunglass and voila... you will see perfectly, if you had a burgman that would be the same. In Europe and elsewhere they have the 12 volt plug in already installed and 2 front disk brake+ ABS in option , furthermore the use of key to operate your scoot is upgrade to magnetic key.
Sorry for us living in the wrong place for scooter world.
:lol: :lol: :lol: God bless and drive safe
texascycle said:
So with all the updates it is almost on par with the Majesty ... so, why would you pick a Suzuki?
When I was looking for an upgrade over my Zuma I looked at the Burgman and the Majesty 400's The one thing that I liked about the Majesty was the 60 Watt headlights over the 35 watt ones of the Burgman. I had 35 watters on the Zuma and they were insufficent at 40 mph. At 65 MPH in an animal traffic area you don't have time to avoid them if you can't see them. I have never seen headlights as good as the Majesty on any 2 wheeled vehicle. They are better than most cars and truck I have owned. Now my 06 Camry is the only vehicle that has better lights than my Majesty but it is not that great a difference. if I put Silverstar lights on thr Maj that advantage swings back to the maj.....
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