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Majesty right for me?

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I have been setting back and reading all the forums Burgman, Maxi Scooter, Majesty and Silverwing. I do want a scooter. Currently ride a Vulcan 800A. Physical problems have me looking at scooters. My wife rides a Vulcan 500. Still catch flak from friends and my wife some about riding a scooter. I believe the Majesty is the best all around from my research. I'm 6 ft. and 205 lbs. and think I'll fit the bike OK. Would like to have the Burgman 650, but can't afford a new one. Used ones around here don't exist. If I could get my wife on one she would probably want one. Local dealer has them in stock, but there are used Silverwings in the area. Just looking for comments. :?
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I'm 5'11", 210 pounds and fit well enough into my Majesty. I am on it an hour each way, five days a week, and have never felt uncomfortable on it, except that I need earplugs for highway riding. I would like a couple of extra inches for my legs, but I don't need them. And acceleration is more than adequate for riders of our weight.

I would give a used Silver Wing a look if it was properly priced. That extra cylinder and engine size would be nice. Still, I fit better on the Majesty in the showroom than on the Swing.
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