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Majesty Stereo Installation

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I just surfed into this intersting Japanese site that details a stereo/GPS unit installation on a 250 Majesty. There's lots of pictures with the bodywork off, and lots off aftermatket body pieces shown. I think this might get some folks juices flowing.


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i have been looking into adding a stereo system to my 400.

nothing like as big as that install, but it's givven me an idea of where to put the head unit !.


Blue 05 Majesty 400
Givi V46 Top Case
Autocom System
Garmin Quest GPS Navigation System
I've been wondering at what point we'll need larger magnetos or batteries to carry the additional loads from our stereos, warming vests, IPOD/XM radios, etc. 8) I wonder if some of our friends who have Burgmans have had load issues.
thats an interesting point you make.

i have figured the load of the two items that i currently run at about .5A each. i would think that there is a fair amount of reserve power in the alternator, and as long as i dont go berserk with the stereo, it should be ok.

a normal head unit shouldnt draw that much current, especially as i will not be running any speakers. the output from the head unit will be fed into the autocom system.

once i have the system done, i will post more details.

According to my Manual for the Majesty is 1 spare 40 amp + 1 spare 20 amp + 2 spare 10 amp fuses available. It seems like there should be plenty of availability left for other things. I'm not sure what stereo's for bikes pull though since I have never looked into it. I am curious if anyone has done this and if they could post a few pictures.


Are you the Jason that has been posting about getting a Leo Vince and Malossi variator? I just ordered the Malossi variator from the U.K. and should receive it in about 3-4 weeks. I would like to get the Leo Vince exhaust later though.

Sorry, but it looks like a great way to get yourself into some serious trouble.
I did enjoy the "Photo Garally" though.
yep, im the very same one. i have not ordered the variator yet (it's on the list but) i have finally sorced a supplier here in oz that can get me the pipe ($800 AU) once i have my finances sorted a little better, i will be ordering it.

once all three things are done (the pipe, PC and the variator) , i think it will go very well indeed.

and as for the serious trouble ? only if your silly enough to have the volume turned up so high that you cant hear the cagers around you !

i currently listen to the radio (via my mobile phone) and can very easily hear everything thats going on about me. it's also about looking, not just hearing.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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