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Majesty tire life and availability

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How many miles are you folks getting out of Majesty tires? Are replacements tough to find?

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We have a store called "Discount Motorcycle Tires" in Pasadena Texas. They have tyres that will fit the Majesty. I do believe that they will mail order them as well. I shall try to find the URL or an email/phone for them and post it for you. These are the folks who were kind enough to reseat the bead on my tyres when I was having the handling problems with the bike. I also purchased my mesh summer jacket there.
I got about 10,000 miles out of my rear tire and still going at 12,000 miles on the front tire.
I don't want tires that are "cracked"-not in the tread and especially not the sidewalls- on my scooters. or motorcycles. They are unsafe,period. Having relatively small contact patches, I want to make sure the tires are fully capable of doing what they need to do. I usually got 8K miles on the rear of the Majesty, but I replace them BEFORE getting to the wear bars.
Agreed. Not on two wheels. From my understanding, dry rot is not repaired through caulking visible surface cracks. Tires have a short lifespan, which I pay attention to in order to keep my own lifespan long. :)
I had a blowout at around 70 MPH on a rear tire once. That was an A ride in any park. The tire would flop over & the bike would veer off & then the tire flopped over again & the bike took off the other way. It was hard afterward to walk the bike with my pants full of s.... .. - for real. That was over fifty years ago & remained in my memory for a LONG time. I finally realized that it is much less likely now with tubeless tires. They are MUCH less likely to blow & if they did they would stay on the rim much better. I have always wondered how much worse it would have been with a front tire?
The DOT WWYY sidewall imprint defines the birth date of manufacture: WW = week number, YY = last 2 digits of the year.

I replace MC tires either when worn or when 5 years old or more. Worn defined by wear bar guidance or uneven wear patterns (cupping, center wear, ..., ...), or a puncture.
I got around 13 to 15 thousand per tire and replacements.
I have 35,000+ miles on 2014 majesty.
I replaced front and back once.
Going to replace both this fall.

I get the dunlops from Wal-Mart online.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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