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Majesty vs. Burgman 400 in a race

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Just wondering if any of you Majesty owners have raced against a Burgman 400 in a quarter mile or a mile and who one? Any opinions if you haven't actually raced? JC
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I have read enough articles and evaluations to believe that the Burgman will accelerate quicker off the line even though the Majesty has slightly more power at the crank. But at highway speeds the Majesty is running 1000 rpms lower than the Burgman indicating taller gearing and less stress on motor ... which to me is a better balance for this type of scoot. I would certainly like to have quicker acceleration, who wouldn't, but not sacrificing the overall balance of what the machine is intended for. It isn't a racer, thats for sure, and because of that I would rather spare the rpms and run a more relaxed pace when riding around.

The irony is that from the same articles, even though the Majesty appears to be geared taller, it accelerates quicker at speed, which is also a big plus when you need to get around a truck on the highway.
In USA Majesty is the better choise then Burgman 400. You have a long, stright and empty roads, and you don't need a big acceleration and good mobility. I Europe most of rides are a city rides. People even change the viariatos in their scooters to have a better acceleration instead of high speed. Truth saying in Europe the 250cc are more popular then 400cc. They are lighter and their acceleration to 100km/h is the same sa in 400cc. To the touristic rides the biggest soccoers are better.
I find it hard to believe the Burgman has better handling/mobility ... the suspension is very sloshy compared to the Majesty. I was very impressed with the handling characteritsics of the Majesty when I first rode it, and it still impresses to this day. I will give the acceleration to the Burgman, but I am going to need more proof on the handling.
The Majesty's handling is top notch. I was not expecting it to be so light and flickable. And its hide it plus 400 pounds with fuel so so well. Excellent job Yamaha.
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