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Majesty vs. Silver Wing for daily highway commuting

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Wondering if the group has some opinions on relative suitability of Majesty vs. Silver Wing for daily highway commuting --

Having read everything I can on maxi scoots it really looks like the Majesty and Silver Wing rise to the top of my list primarily for maintenance/reliablity reasons, but I'm wondering if the Majesty has adequate available acceleration at highway speed to be comfortable for daily commuting. Traffic density and speed will both be high and varied on the commute (Route 128 outside of Boston). I'm 5'11" 200lbs 30" inseam.

My choice right now is between used low miles 2005 SWing for about $800 more than a NEW Majesty.
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From the looks of eBay, it does seem that a lightly used Silver Wing goes for about new Majesty money.... regularly.
I ride 25 miles each way, about fifteen of them at 60 mph. If I had to spend more time at highway speed, I would wear earplugs. Wind and traffic do move the Majesty around a bit at speed - not alarmingly. I rarely have the throttle fully open, so I know that there is always a bit of a reserve of power.

My butt, legs and back are fine after the commute, although I still wish for another 2" of legroom.

5' 11", 210 lb
Both the Majesty and the Silverwing will do the job just fine. Which one fits you best is the one to choose. I found the Silverwing most uncomfortable to sit on to the point that I would never consider buying one at any price, while the Majesty is perfect for me. You need to sit on each one or preferably ride them before making up your mind.


You have to try it out for sure. I found the cockpit to be too tight; I actually think the Reflex felt roomier than the SW...
dfish, you and I are almost exactly the same size, and I regularly travel Hwy 99 up and down California's Central Valley. It was originally built for one-tenth the traffic it now carries, so many entrance ramps are really just right turns that drop you into 75 mph traffic. My Maj, stock, has no problem merging. I do have to be careful not to startle the cars as I whiz by.
The Majesty is a great highway machine (I'm sure the 'Wing is too). I've had the bike, two up with a full trunk, past 85 mph for sustained periods with more throttle left and no problems whatsoever. The Majesty is super capable, in my opinion, every bit as much as the Wing and the Burger 650 for less money. Those two bikes may have more power and may be slightly faster, but "Madge" has been up to everything I've thrown at her.

Good luck and God Bless!!! :wink:
Thanks for the reactions -- looks like plenty of zoom left at highway speeds...

One more question -- a while ago there was word of parts availability problems with the Maj -- has Yamaha cleared this up or is it still an issue?
Parts availability is substantially better than a year ago when the bike was newer.
Also, when you sit on a majesty on the showrom floor, remember that the driver's seat cushion can be adjusted forward and backward on the seat panby at least 1.5". The position can be visualised and adjusted when the seat/trunk is opened. Inside, will see a screw that goes through an adjusting slot into the seat cushion, which controls the forward/backward position of the driver's seat cushion. It only takes a screw driver to adjust and most salesmen are willing to adjust the seat to assure a buyer can get the right fit. If they do not, find another dealer!

Hope this helps!
I too came up with the Majesty and Silver Wing as my top two. I commute to work 70 miles one-way. I know, call me nuts. I chose the Majesty and I have no regrets. It all came down to three simple factors that proved "less is sometimes more." Recommend that you read the post by Nathan in Austin, TX on "Surprising Ride On Majesty By Silverwing Rider." I have a 36" inseam but I only weigh 130. I have plenty of leg room. The Majesty is comfortable and a real pleasure to run. It handles all traffic with no problem and the open road is true freedom. You will feel the wind gusts but nothing you can't handle and the Majesty handles the wind better than the Burgman 400. Yesterday, I stopped in at the Honda dealer and sat on the Silver Wing just to see what I felt now after riding the Majesty. The Wing is still a great feel but the agility of the Majesty and it's lightness was my better choice for the long run. It really is about your personal choice and what you find personally appealing. From the dash to seat, from the grips to the look down. Then from the pocket book to the gas pump. It all in what you are truly looking for. But let there be no misunderstanding, the 400 scooters are remarkably surprising and I look forward to cross-country trips. Like commuting isn't enough. The last time I felt like I had to be "ON MY BIKE" I was 14……there's something, something wonderful about these bikes. Now if only I looked as I feel…… :D
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Try to drive 'em both. I think you'd like the smoothness of the twin engine and the ABS, if the win you're looking at has it, to be BIg pluses. Otherwise, the Majesty is a nice machine. My commute is 89 miles each way and the Majesty on average is getting 2 round trips per week. If the fog and cold would let up, it should improver drastically. After 3700 miles, the single cylender engine still bothers me on take offs and initial acceleration. Once you get some speed it's o'tay. Whatever you choose, you'll be happy.
You didn't mention your bike riding experience...

Personally, I wouldn't get near a multi lane like 128 in rush hour conditions...not that either bike wouldn't handle it...but this is supposed to be FUN...nes 'ce pas?
When I go for rides they tend to start at 350 miles and go up from there. The Majesty runs perfectly down the freeway and is just a joy everywhere else that I have been. The storage configuration is very accommodating and the rear seat holds an ice chest nicely with the help of a bungee net. I was surprised that it even handles well in the sand where I was spinning up the rear tire and making little sand rooster tails. This thing is just too much fun. I haven't ridden or even heard much about the Silverwing, but I just don't see the need for the extra heft right now. If the speed limit raises to 90 then it would make more sense, but for now the Majesty is perfectly capable.
Surely is Silver Wing have better twin engine with more culture of work. Silver is biggest and more comfortable than Majesty, but less economy of fuel consumption.
Comparision Silver and Majesty not make sense. This like comparsion Toyota Corolla - Honda Accord. Silver belongs to one class with Burgman 650 not with Majesty.
i chose the majesty 400 on pricing alone.

here in oz, the burg 250 retails at the same price point as the maj 400 !.
the burg 400 is not avalible here at all. the 650 is avalible, but it's about 5k more than a new maj 400.

i also considdered the T-MAX 500, but once again, it's about 4k more than the maj 400.

decision made. no regrets at all. it easily handles city traffic as well as highway riding. i have now clocked up almost 12000km since new 6 months ago. only had one minor problem (which has taken care of under waranty).

apart from that, i love the maj. never ridden the burg, so cant compare them.

rafalek13c said:
Comparision Silver and Majesty not make sense. This like comparsion Toyota Corolla - Honda Accord. Silver belongs to one class with Burgman 650 not with Majesty.
But sometimes a person has to compare a Corolla to an Accord. The questions in the SWing/Majesty case are the same as the Accord/Corolla case: Is the extra stuff that the extra money will buy worth it to me? Can I even afford the extra stuff? Is the cheaper vehicle good enough? Will I regret spending too little or too much?

All good questions.
If you can afford it, buy the 650 Burgman, it's way better than the rest. Take it from one who knows.


Extra weight belongs on the car for comfort not on 2 wheels where its all about the fun. Thats just me
Choise is depend of your needs. If you need higway criuser you should choose Silver Wing, but if you need more versatile scoot - better choise is Majesty
So it's still coming down to used SWing vs. new Majesty -- thanks to everyone who commented. It seems like there's plenty of acceleration left in the Maj up at highway speeds to scoot out ahead of problem situations.

I do in general like the fun factor of the lighter weight that comes with the Majesty.

End up with just a slight question in my mind as to whether the lighter weight of the Maj means a bit less comfort zone with wind/turbulence buffeting on the highway... so any additional feedback on that point would be most welcome.

But thanks again to the group -- you guys are great!
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