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Majesty YP400 clutch squealling

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Hello all,
I have a Majesty 400 from ‘06 with 30000 km (I don’t know if they are real), but I have a clutch squealling after the transmission heats up, when I leave at low speed.
I have an aftermarket clutch with red Malossi springs (I tried the yellow ones first and the same issue), white Malossi compression spring, Malossi bell, OEM variator (it doesn’t look worn, Mitsuboshi belt (29x916 so I don’t think it’s worn) and Dr.Pulley 14g sliders.
I mention that the squealling also hears with the OEM bell.
I don’t know what to do more and it’s geting frustrating to hear that noise.
Could you guys please help me?
Thank you.
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What sort of aftermarket clutch and is it three or five shoes? The red springs are going to make you rev it a lot higher to make it engage.
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