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I just picked up yesterday my new 05 Charcoal Majesty. I brought it homethe 150 miles in the back of my pickup truck, rode it around the block and brought it to rest in the garage... where it will sit til I complete the MSF class on April 9th.

Interestingly, the purchase experience was very positive -- way more postiive than the purchase of a car has ever gone. It just seemed very friendly, stress-free and honest. The salesman, Robby Jones, spent a fair amount of time going over the bike in detail -- it was a real pleasure.

I currently have ride an 04 Kymco People 150, black, 1700 miles -- which is now available if anyone is interested.
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Congrats on your new ride. Glad to hear you're waiting to ride it until you take the Rider Safety (MSF) class. My Majesty was delivered, so his first ride had to wait about the same amount of time before I could get into an open class as well, but the wait was worth it.
We look forward to reading about your first ride (and future trips) on your Maj.
BTW - Got a name for him/her yet? :wink:
No name yet -- I am going to remove the "Majesty" badges from the sides, though, I know that. I realize the Majesty is sold around the world, but most people will have no idea when they see it, what it is or what a "Majesty" is. I think the name falls into the category of most scooter names... kind of dopey. I think Morphous is kinda cool though.
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