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Eventually I would like to come up with a MajestyUSA logo. If any of you out there have artistic ability and would like to come up with a logo design, please post your ideas here. If you need a gallery account to use, please PM me.
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let me know what size you would like the banner / logo to be, and ill have a bash at something.

x pixels by x pixels ?

Around the 250 x250 ish. Whatever it ends up being, I would need to have a high res .png or .jpg so I can upload them to be sold on t-shirts, mugs, etc...
Glad to hear you talking about MajestyUSA logo/ patches etc. My buddy with a burgman has some of this stuff and I'm green(goose) with envy.
ill get onto something as soon as i get some freen time.

Is the logo out yet? Will there be tshirts, hats, stickers, etc??
i have been very busy at work, and also had to have a small operation. but now that im over that, ill get onto something.

if anyone else want;s to have a go at making something, we can end them all in, and greengoose can choose which one he would like to use for the site ?

just an idea, that way we might end up with a really good thing.
not saying that im not gonna come up with a good graphic, just that others might well be better !

Ive just hired a company to make us a "real" logo. I just put the deposit down. I went for one of the best in the industry. Here are some of the more famous logos they have made.
Stay tuned. :D

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Woohoo! Thanks Bryan, can't wait to see it!!
Payment accepted. Should have a working image in approx 7 working days. :D
New Logo is up. There may still be a small tweak that Im working on.
I'll take a couple of key chains!!!!!!!!!!! Hint hint!!!! :D

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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