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Malossi upgrade test

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This is for the 250 but will give the idea of capabilities.

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It is nice to see companies such as Malossi developing products for scooters in general , not just the Majesty. It is an interesting article but unfortunately the test machine had an increase in displacement (new cylinder and piston - 40cc's) so it is impossible to tell how much of the performance increase was variator and how much was engine.

There was also a final gear ratio upgrade in there, that was the full setup back then, available in 3 individual stages, none dependant on the other. They now also list uprated valves and a carburetter.

As they say, Speed is only a question of money, How fast do you wan't to SPEND.
When I was into snowmobiles we called the cost of performance "cubic dollars".

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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