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Malossi Variator

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Has anyone installed the Malossi variator yet? If so, what are your performance / fuel consumption changes?

I emailed the Taffspeed folks and they said the Malossi was the only "performance part" available for the Maj. I guess they aren't resellers for the Leo Vince exhaust or the Power Commander.

Scoot safe,

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I ordered a Malossi variator for my Majesty and it should be here in about 3 weeks. I had to order it from England. The few companies in the U.S. that I heard that sold them never got back with me until well after I ordered mine. I will have it installed and then get back with everyone here when it is done. I did post times from 0-60mph earlier. One time was 10.51 seconds and the other time was 10.53 seconds. I will update that with the new time when the variator is installed.

i too would be very interested in your results.

i , ideally would like to install the variator, the leo vince pipe and the power commander. then see what the gains would be like.

im just a little worried that the fuel consumption and highway performance might suffer. i do a lot of highway running (at maintained 60-70 mph) and don't want to see higher rpm's at speed. but i would like much better accelleration.

i have heard that after fitting the variator, one magazine claimed a 0 - 60 time of about 7.5 sec or about 3 whole seconds improvement over stock !
but they didnt say what effect it had on the top end.

They also claimed a 1/4 mile time improvement to about 16.5 sec (again about 3 sec quicker than stock)

I suppose my Majesty's engine will outlast most of the other components, but I think running at higher RPMs on the highway will shorten its life. I have never been one to fool around with somebody else's design, and the Yamaha engineers chose their "gearing" with reason.

Which is not to say that you won't be happy with the Malossi.
I do not believe the malossi will change the Engine speed at any given highway speed. It should only change the rate at which the CVT changes ratio.
I do agree that Yamaha most likely engineered their Variator to give the best preformance over the entire range of engine speed. I prefer to leave well enough alone.
Malossi vario increased fuel consumption, and acceleration. Scooter starts with higher RPM and, on lower speed, engine have higher RPM. If you ride with speed near maximum your RPM is normal (like with Yamaha vario). I think change of vario for Malossi in the big scooters not make sense. If your more ride at highways, you need high speed and little RPM. Vario tunning of smollest scooters is OK. I have Malossi 2000 vario in my Majesty, but i have a 250cc and most of my rides are in the city. In Poland we have only 200 km of highways!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops:

I had my Malossi Variator with the 12 gram rollers installed today on my Majesty. It has greatly increased the acceleration. Since it is raining today I wasn't able to ride it much. When you give it full throttle it really pushes you back into the seat. When I was on the highway going 80 the rpm's are the same as the stock variator. It seems like a different bike now. One with a bigger engine. I will write a longer review of it when it clears up and I can test my time in the 0-60 mph test. The stock test was 10.5 seconds. It is alittle costly since I paid to have it installed but it really has improved the acceleration.

great news.

keep us posted.....

You've got my attention, JeffR.

I went out yesterday to time myself from 0-60. My time was 8.4 seconds. My original time with the stock variator was 10.5 seconds. So this is a 2.1 second improvement. It feels like more really because it does push you back into the seat much more than before. Even though it was somewhat costly for me, since I paid to have it installed, I am glad I did this. I will go out again on a calm day and time myself again. There was somewhat of a cross wind that day so I'm not sure if that will effect the time though. It also sounds different, a good sound though. Probably since it is reving a little higher than with the stock variator.


could you do me a favor (when you get time) ?

could you please go for a short ride and note the RPM at each of the following speeds ?

60 kmh
70 kmh
80 kmh
100 kmh

im not too concerned if it revs higher than stock at the lower end of the speed range, but im interested to know what it's like up higher as i do a lot of highway riding.

the maximum (legal) speed in most of oz is 110 kmh. we have some parts of the country that have NO SPEED LIMITS, but they are way too far away from me to even think about !

also, have you had a chance to figure out what the expected MPG will be with the variator fitted ?

sorry for all the questions, but the malossi variator is the third thing on my upgrade wish list.

1.. Aftermarket Pipe (coming this month)
2..Power Commander (next month)
3..Malosi Variator.

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I plan on going out tomorrow for a ride so I will record the rpm's for those speeds. I can tell you that at 70 mph (113 kph) and 80 mph (129 kph) it is the same as the stock variator. I will convert the speeds you would like into mph and record the rpm's tomorrow. I won't be able to give you the mpg until I fill the tank up again and then ride it normally. Since I had it installed I have been playing with it somewhat hard so the mpg would be off from the normal range.

I can tell you that it has really improved the acceleration a lot. It feels like a bigger bike really. I'm also going to rerun the 0-60 mph and time it tomorrow too. The last time was 8.4 seconds which is about 2.1 seconds faster than with the stock variator. But there was a strong crosswind too. I'm not sure if that effects the time but I will find out tomorrow. It has been raining alot here lately and I haven't been able to ride much.

I'm sure the Malossi variator helps the acceleration more than the other 2 things you want to install. I'm curious about the exhaust you want to install. That is my next thing to do if it seems worth it. You will need to tell us about it when you do it.


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here is a link to the pipe that i am going to buy.


i think it looks way better than the stock item, and hopefully will libberate some extra hp from the engine, as the stock pipe is probably very restrictive. and as a secondary bonus, it will hopefully sound better too :lol:

one advantage that i will have, is that i will have before and after Dyno runs done so i can see exactly what gains are made by the fitting of the pipe and power commander.

im buying the pipe this month, but wont fit it untill i have the power commander fitted. the shop that is going to be fitting the PC is going to write a custom map for my setup.

thanks for the info. i look foward to your results.

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I went for a ride and recorded the following rpm's:

60 kph = 4200 rpm
70 kph = 4600 rpm
80 kph = 5000 rpm
100 kph=5300 rpm
120 kph=5600 rpm
130 kph=6000 rpm

I took these on a flat road with not much wind. Since I have the Givi windshield with the Laminar Lip all the way to the top of the shield my rpm's may be a little higher than people who have the stock screen. Also, I weigh about 215 lbs so, again, my numbers may be 100-200 rpms higher than others. I ran the 0-60 test again on a flat road with hardly any wind and my best time was 8.8 seconds. My last test with a cross wind was 8.4 seconds. It is still good but .4 seconds slower. I think I am going to get the Malossi clutch racing spring for mine too. I just read that it will help acceleration and that it is recommended with the Malossi variator. I just didn't know that at the time I bought my variator. I hope this helps you out. I have to say that my bike runs smoother now and is really more fun to ride too.


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the rpms at the higher speeds dont seem that different at all (if any).

from what i can see, the major difference is that it probably holds a higher rpm under hard acceleration.

ie, no matter how hard i accelerate from a dead stop (stock variator) i cant get the engine anywhere near redline. it stays at about 6100 rpm or so. what does the rpm look like on a hard accelertaion from a dead stop with the malosi fitted ?

i am definately (sp?) gonna get one now !
i wasnt sure before, but now i am 100% sure !

thanks for all the info.
keep us posted on what changes (improvement or otherwise) the springs have.

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one other thing i forgot to ask, is what is the rpm like when you just roll away ?

ie, not a hard acceleration from stop, just the normal take off ?
i wouldnt like to have to rev the life out of the engine everytime i just wanted to get moving.


I won't be able to ride it until Weds since it has been raining rather hard. When I do ride I will make a mental note on the rpm's starting off and how high the rpm's go when I give it full throttle. I think it will get to about 6500 rpm at full throttle. When I am going fast on the highway, say 90 or so, it will go up to 7,000 but then go down to about 6400-6500 when i stay steady at 90. I'm curious to see what the top end is. I have hit about 107-108 on it before. But I really enjoy riding it more now. I guess it is just another toy to have. lol.


If I roll away from a stop at a leisurely pace it will go up to maybe 4500 rpm. If I do it at a more normal pace it goes to maybe 5000rpm. But you still get up to speed quicker than with the stock variator. I don't notice the engine reving at all really. Nothing sounds out of the ordinary for me. Hope this helps.

yes, thanks.

that's exactly the info i was after.

i will (hopefully) be ordering the variator next month.

does it come with the weight set, or is that a seperate order item ?
i might see slighlty better results than you have, as i dont have the givi screen fitted (yet) and i weigh a bit less than you (185lb).

thanks again for all the valuable info you have provided.


How much did the Malossi cost and how much was it to install it? Can you post gas mileage numbers as you get them? Also, I wonder how much life is taken out of the belt with so much more force applied to it?

I am seriously thinking about it ... sounds very exciting!
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