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Malossi Variators

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Hello All !!!

Does anyone have a link to where I can get a Malossi Variator for my YP400? I have repainted my Majesty a Toxic Yellow. I have put on the Fiaam after market horns, C high note, D low note, very effective. I have put light heads on the back linked to the rear braking system and head ligh modulators by Kisan Tech. All the safety upgrades are done and the scooter is highly visible and can be heard when the horns are applied. It's now time to add some better pick-up. If anyone knows of a reputable link to get the Variators I would br grateful. I love this scooter !!!

Thank-you in advance !! I also think I am going to rebore the head and get a bit more punch that way. In the end I'll have a custom bike. Believe it or not, I have had 3 offers to sell the scoot and one fellow offered me $6500.00. But I'm keeping her until I can get a T-Max. Then I'll sell.

Be safe all :wink:
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Here is a link where I ordered mine. It is out of England but they were very responsive unlike any other company I tried to deal with.

This is the Malossi site with the part number for the variator. Richard, at speednspares in England, hasn't put this part on their site yet. You just need to mention that it is for a Majesty 400 and not the 250. Here is the link:

http://www.malossi.com/catalogo/Cata_Ma ... rt=5112623

The variator part for the Majesty 400 is 5112623. You may want to ask about the racing clutch spring for the stock Majesty clutch. I didn't think about it. It doesn't require it like some scooters but I have heard that it does help alot. Richard was very good to deal with even though it was all through email. Like I said in another post other dealers didn't get back to me for 2-3 weeks. Richard is very prompt considering the time change.

I didn't mention this on the last response. I just installed the Malossi variator on my Majesty and it has so much better acceleration. It is like it is a different bike. It sounds like you are in Europe since you want to get a T-max. The shop in the above reply is in England.

That link didn't work. Here it is again.

http://www.malossi.com/catalogo/Cata_Ma ... rt=5112623

Hello Bob !

Thank-you for the links. I'll be able to get this rolling on my part thanks to you. Thank-you again Bob.

Be safe,
Rufus :wink:
http://www.battlescooter.com/index2.html didnt seem to have anything for the Majesty, only the wacky Ruckus

... and the malossi site says they dont sell their products :?:
Try calling Jason at 925-819-2950. He told me he had one in stock.


How is the top end with the malossi vari?

I have had it up to 108 indicated before I had it installed but haven't opened it up with the Malossi yet. I have had it to 100 on a few occasions though. When the weather gets better here in Californina I will open it up again. I'm sure it hasn't lost any top end though, just by the way it rides now.

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