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Mods, a week on...

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Hi Folks,

Last weekend, my brother came over and gave me a hand with some mods for the Maj... We spent about three hours changing the variator weights (to 8 12-gram weights), swapping out the horn (Fiamm 72012 low tone), and installing a BackOFF brakelight modulator.

The new weights improve the driveability of the scoot. Instead of bogging down when I crank open the throttle from a stop, the motor spins right up and takeoffs are more "linear". Also, the transition from coasting to throttle-on is smoother than with the original 15 gram weights. I haven't had enough time to see what this is going to do to my average of 50mpg, but I expect it to decrease... It's now just too fun to rocket away from traffic at stoplights :D

The Fiamm is a HUGE improvement over the wimpy stock horn. It sounds like it has balls now - and says GETOUTOFMYWAY instead of "excuse me, sir, if you would please be ever so kind"... This mod took maybe 10 minutes and was very easy.

Last but not least - I installed the BackOFF modulator so it is set to pulse 5 times, then go to a solid light, when I brake. It works well and should help attract attention if there are any distracted cagers behind me. This mod took a while because the passenger seat, Givi bracket and V46 case, and tupperware on the left side of the scoot above the driveline had to come off. Then the modulator had to be spliced into the brake light wiring and tested. Then all the tupperware had to go back on. Give this mod an hour.

What did it cost?

Eight 12gm weights from battlescooterstore.com: $56
Fiamm horn from ridesafer.com: $13
BackOFF modulator from ridesafer: $40
Add a few bucks for shipping and a few hours hanging out with my brother on a Sunday morning.

All in all, I had fun installing the mods and have better performance and improved safety to show for it. I would recommend that any of you who are considering a Malossi or Pollini variator try swapping the weights first. You may find it a pleasing - and inexpensive - alternative.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget... a big THANK YOU to Ishabaka for his notes in the how-to section at MajestyUSA for the weight and horn mods.

Ride safe,

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Larry I'm very interested in changing my weights in the near future. From what other owners have said that from take off the rpms are higher but on the open road the rmps are the same and since I ride on 65mph roads most of the time I don't want to change my topend rpms. Does it seem like that to you? And did you have any problems installing them?

Thanks Rob
i too have thought about changing the weights, to the 12gram ones.

but like Robert, i do a bit of riding, on 100km/h plus and do not want to increase the rpm's at speed.

please keep us informed.

gpsnut, I took some readings today, not sure if they will help you out:
these are with my "12.5 gram weights" - a ten and a fifteen in each slot:
60kph - rpm 5,100
80kph -rpm 5,400
100kph - rpm 5,700

These are after the rpms drop down from acceleration.
Temp was 28 degrees C wind almost none
My weight 89kg
My height 192cm

what sort of rpms are you running at these speeds?
I have the Malossi Variator with the 12gram weights and these are the rpm's that I get at certain speeds:

60 kph = 4200 rpm
70 kph = 4600 rpm
80 kph = 5000 rpm
100 kph=5300 rpm
120 kph=5600 rpm
130 kph=6000 rpm

They are close, with the above times, but it seems that the Malossi may run at slightly lower rpm's. I did this run on a calm day on a flat roadway. Although lately it seems to be running at about 5800 rpm's @ 130kph. I'm not sure if the Malossi has to be broken in, I doubt it, but it is running about 200 rpm's less at 130 kph now.


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Rob, Jason,

I had to run a few errands at lunchtime today, so I took two readings. They were both observed on flat stretches of road:

50 mph (indicated): 5100 rpms
70 mph (indicated): 5800 rpms

If these rpms are higher than with the standard weights, it isn't by much...

Ride safe,


gpsnut2003 said:
i too have thought about changing the weights, to the 12gram ones.

but like Robert, i do a bit of riding, on 100km/h plus and do not want to increase the rpm's at speed.

please keep us informed.

thanks all.

i think i will get the malossi, and not just change the weights in the stock variator. seems the rpm's are somewhat higher at higher speeds. (with the stock unit)

i usually see 5100 rpm at about 100km/h so an increase of 600 rpm or so, at that speed (over a long distance) would greatly affect fuel economy.

The rpm's stated with the malossi variator are very very close to the stock ones.

looks like ill have to keep saving my $$$.

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