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I earned the MSF basic rider course endorsement today using my Maj. The course isn't easy for newbie riders like me! And I highly recommend it, I learned lots of practical skills. Five of the twelve us who took the course failed to pass, this time. I guess the ones who didn't get the endorsement should've been riding Maj's, they surely would've passed if they had been. Woohoo!
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Excellent work! Congrats!
I also used my Majesty to take and pass the MSF course. By not having to think about the clutch, shifting, rear foot brake, etc., you can really focus on the exercises and have the operation of the bike be second nature. Good going.
Congratulations again! I tlearned how to ride by taking the MSF course 25 long years ago. I KNOW it has saved me from crashing multiple times.
My BasicRider Course was my first time on a bike. In two days of riding, I only got it into second gear twice, and got stuck in neutral about a thousand times ($&*%(^ shifter!)
A friend of mine just took the course and the instructor let her use her scooter!!! Which was good because she already is having a hard time having the brake and throttle on the same hand!!!!! :D
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