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MSRP vs. Purchase Price

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I have been wanting a 'big' scooter for a while now, have done my research and I am about to purchase a new Majesty. I am in ST. LOUIS, MO, not the hotbed of scooterdom, if that is a factor.

Never having bought a motorcycle/scooter before, I have no idea if it is a product that one negotiates on -- like a car, or does not -- like groceries.

So, my question to you is: did you pay suggested retail on your new Majesty or not? If not, what was the discount, and was it in the form of $$ off or merchandise/services thrown in (free helmet, one year of scheduled service...)?

thanks for any insight you can provide. Also, other than the classified forum here, any other site you would recommend for searching for bikes for sale in my area?
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Eastern Washington is not a hotbed of scooterdom either! I bought mine at list ($5799) from the local Yamaha dealer who had never sold a Maj before. He had to get it from a dealer on the west side of the state and ship it over here, so I don't imagine he made much on the deal. He was pretty excited to sell it to me, though, said it ran a lot better and more powerful than he expected.

I feel fortunate that the deal didn't use any high pressure tactics trying to seel an extended warrantee or credit cards or anything like that. He just sold me the scoot.

I got the $100 gas card...I'm not sure if Yamaha offers that.
This is what I did: I went to the Yamaha Motor Corp. web site, and using their DEALER LOCATOR, put in my zip, and located the dealers nearest me. I started calling the dealers to locate Majesty's. I found a Majesty a nice two and half hour drive away for the shocking low price of $5050... it was a new 05. That was an OUT THE DOOR PRICE and then I got the $100 gas card too.
I had to bargain hard for quite a while at several dealers. They all started out wanting not only full retail but also humongous shipping & set-up charges. (Up to as high as $1400.)
I finally paid full retail only & got a five year warrenty thrown in.
Anything that is a homogenous shopping good such as the Maj (a Maj from a dealer in St. Louis is the same product as one from a dealer in St. Petersburg, FL) is subject to negotiation. Having said that, the Maj is less expensive than most other bikes that a given dealer will carry. If he has them in stock, and it looks like an easy sale (doesn't have to get one from another dealer), he will negotiate. Some dealers think scooters are not manly enough to deal with, and if you want one you have to pay for the privilege. Stay away from those guys. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on the process. You may have to "salesman shop"; try dropping by the dealers at different times, talking to different sales people to see which one is willing to talk price, offer incentives, or has a huge child support payment due soon. Also, I would stay away from accepting gear as part of the deal (in lieu of a discounted price) unless you are certain that the stuff they are offering is the stuff that fits well and you have confidence in it. Wearing an uncomfortable helmet or jacket for the next few years is not worth making a deal.
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Also, other than the classified forum here, any other site you would recommend for searching for bikes for sale in my area?
Check out Biker Trader online. Lot's of Majesty's, Burgmans, and Silverwing in there. Both private and dealers.

Don't know how far you would go but there appears to be a discount dealer in Toledo, Ohio.
"Only an amateur (or someone buying a Saturn) doesn't negotiate the purchase price of a vehicle." :wink: This was told to me by a good friend who works at a dealership. The big thing is knowing what you can negotiate on: base price, dealer prep, advertising fee (and other bullpoop fees). You cannot negotiate iitems like tax, title, license, and other regulated fees.
one motto in life to live by.

never pay the sticker price for anything.
i always haggle for a better price, especially on big ticket items, and even more so if you are paying cash.

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