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Multi Questions PLEASE read

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Do you like the 06 majesty in the Red color or Silver?
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Im looking for an 06' majesty and im in North carolina in the US

1st question. How do you install the GPS, Stereo, Bike to Bike radio, and how do you power it all?

2nd question is the Speedo/Odometer in MPH for America?

3rd and last PLEASE list ANY perfomance sites so i can upgrade it when i get it

> Is the Speedo/Odometer in MPH for America?

Yep, as required by law.

MCL400, it would help to know a bit about you and your riding. What would be the mission for your scooter?

There are not a lot of performance enhancements out there. Do a search on this site and burgmanusa.com for variator. Do a search on this site for Japan.

For your stereo and bike-bike, look into Autocom www.autocomamerica.com . Easiest to go with rechargeable batteries, and carry it all on your waist.

Mounting a gps does not look all that easy. Somebody on the Burgman site put his between the handlebars - do a search. I don't like it there because I'd have to turn my head too far from the road to read it, but mechanically it seems to be the best place.

Personally, I don't get the point of accessorizing a Majesty. Performance enhancements will jeapordise your warranty. It's a single cylinder 400 cc four stroke - what do you expect to get out of it? If you want more power, why not just start with a X9, Silver Wing or Burgman 650? There are few mounting options for gps, stereo and comm, and I don't find any of them attractive. Still, I might get a gps one day, especially since eBay is crawling with refurbished Garmin 2610 units for $410.

My scooter's mission is commuting in heavy urban traffic and on a freeway. The stock Majesty is perfect for that.
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I would use it for Highway 17 in South and North Carolina (basically one big straightaway) and ive always liked speed I do 125 in my buick regal down that highway but i want something more versatile but i dont wanna get killed on a Sport Bike and i dont want a Burgman cuz im a yamaha person all the way and 2 last questions

1. Is there any Neons/Leds you can put on the bottom to light things up at night?

2. is there any aftermarket exausts for it?

Thanks for all the help

Oh and Also im a volunteer Fire Fighter so i do need higher speeds for that reason too. and while on that note is there a way to mount my Light on a majesty? it uses a 12gauge wire and connects threw cigaret lighter. Is there a way to mount it?
someone is trying to buy the bike im looking at and i need to make up my mind

Please Reply

There are after market exhaust for the Majesty. Check this site or Maxi-Scooters.com. I have read many reviews on this post and others and the Majesty seems to run fine stock from the factory. You can spend a lot of money for a little more speed. I had my 2005 (the faster blue model) out last week when there was a break in the weather here in Iowa. I only have 520 miles on it so I am trying to take it easy but I was on the highway running along about 55 and I decided - what the hell, I'll give it a little gas and see what she will do. God!!! I was going 90 MPH in nothing flat - so I guess the Majesty is just fine for me stock. By the way = my buddy on his Burgmann 400 couldn't keep up with me!!!!

2005 Galexy Blue Majesty :p :p :p
Can it do a nice peel out?

and can anyone get me some links to where you can see the majesty in action on the road

and maybe a sound clip from the exhaust too?
> Can it do a nice peel out?

No way. No how. Little engine. Heavy bike. CVT drive train. Unless you get oil under the back tire, it will not light up.
can it do a stationary front brake full throttle peel out?

And again can you find me some links with video of the majesty in action or maybe some home videos from yourslef?
I personally think that you've got your eye on the wrong machine. The Majesty, as has been pointed out before, is a single cylinder, 400cc automatic bike, not a 600cc sportbike! It will run respectable speeds, but it was not designed for hot-rodding!


im looking at the majestys because my family doesnt want me to have a motorcycle period but they will settle if i get a majesty i just like showing off ive already ordered some neon kits and some ground effect LED's
My friend in buffalo put a power commander chip and an exhaust on his...at the dealer's we raced in the street, and he was a little ahead, but not much.

This spring he's removing them [ they work together] as his wife does not like the noise of the muffler.

I consider it money wasted...this is a road and touring bike at heart. It is comfortable at 75...and will still accelerate, even uphill !

It would take a very determined auto to beat me...the only thing that does are sport bikes.
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