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My first oil change.

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Well since I'm sort of a do-it-myselfer, I thought I'd change the oil in my Majesty last week. I stopped by my dealer and asked for an oil filter for a 2006 Yamaha Majesty 400. "Sorry, we don't have any."

"You don't have an oil filter? The most basic part any engine will need and you don't have any? Great."

So I ordered some oil filters off the internet, and decided to at least change the oil. It can't hurt. http://www.knfilters.com/default.htm
So I go out and put the bike up on it's center stand and go get my oil drain pan. Ummmmm It doesn't fit. Need to find another one. I have "stuff" like this all over, so I look around, find one that will work and get my owners manual out, find the oil drain bolt and drain the oil out. Ok. Now where do you put the oil in? Duhhhhh You should have figured this out earlier. I go tearing through the manual. Can't find anything. So I get a long neck funnel and add the oil into the dipstick hole. (Yes. I put the drain bolt back in.) That seemed to work. The oil got into the engine anyway.

Then I crawl around to the back of the bike. (Note to self. The gizmo Bob Villa sells on the Sears commercials looks like a better and better idea right now.) Laying on my back, I manage to find the proper bolts to drain the rear drive. Ok. back to the book. Add .26 quarts of oil.

POINT 26? You gotta be kidding. How do you measure POINT 26'th of a quart? Ok Ok. Calm down. There are 16 ozs in a pint. 2 pints in a quart, for 32. 1/4 of 32 is 8. Is that right? Where's my calculator? Naught times naught is naught..carry the 2, divide by the square root of 15.37 and you get .......nothing of any value.

Ok a "pinch" more than 8 ozs. I add that to the rear assembly. How do you check that? Ok. You can't apparently. I seal everything up, wipe up the excess oil, put my "stuff" away, and start the engine.

The oil light goes out. I hold my breath for a good 5-10 mins? Maybe more. It doesn't lbow up. I shut the engine down. I pull the dipstick. It looks good. I hop on the bike and take off for a run. I'm back in 15-20 mins and everything is still working. I guess I didn't mess up too bad.

I'm going to do it all over again tomorrow, but this time I get to change the filter. Oh Happy Day!!
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I have 1395 miles on my Majesty and took it to the dealers for the first oil change at 600 miles I believe. I watched them do it and saw it was even easier than I had thought.

You mentioned the dealer didn't have the oil filter for it, well the same here. But the owner's manual states you change the oil filter every 12,500 miles. I doubt many dealers would stock many of those when they aren't that needed that often.

I will change my oil filter more often that that, and the amount of oil it takes to change the engine oil isn't much expen$e.

Pikeville, Ky
DougThompson said:
But the owner's manual states you change the oil filter every 12,500 miles. I doubt many dealers would stock many of those when they aren't that needed that often.
Pikeville, Ky
Huh? I'm going to have to check that. I always change the filter every time I change the oil.

Edited to add.

Well I'll be. You're right. After the first filter change it says 12,500 miles. I think I'll change mine more often too.
Well, I guess we'll have to come up with some sort of quasi-calibrated gizmo that measures .26 quart for our final drives.
8.32 ounces
.52 pint
1.04 cup
Or you can swag it with a dribble over 1/2 pint or a dribble less than 1/4 litre. :D
I watched the Yamaha Dude when he filled mine; he just used a long neck funnel and poured it in until it was full. Doesn't take much oil. I suppose one could dip a Q-tip in some oil and carefully squeeze it out so it will run in the transmission. Slowly, so as not to over fill it. . . .

Pikeville, Kentucky
No filter at my dealer either ... I had to ride 60 miles to the next one where they had 5 ... they got my service business from now on.
Oil change light came on at 625 miles. Did service 11/30/05. My dealer stocks parts. :lol: :lol: :lol: Bought a measuring funnel from Walmart for $3.80 that made measuring easier and simplified filling especially for final drive.
texascycle said:
No filter at my dealer either ... I had to ride 60 miles to the next one where they had 5 ... they got my service business from now on.
I know the Yamaha dealer in Brenham, TX carries them in stock and you also can order parts on-line from them. (20% discount) Then again, if you drive there, you can get some Bluebell Ice Cream fresh from the factory. :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :p <--- Blex licking lips from the Cherry Vanilla

That's utterly cruel! Not only talking about Bluebell (which I can't get around here, in fact, no one's ever heard of it! Unbelieveable!) but getting it from the plant in Brenham, arrrggghhhh!
Thats funny - change oil every 3000 miles but oil filter every 12,500 - thats good co-ordination! (NOT!) - I'm changing my filter every 6000.
For that sometimes hard to find Majesty filter...you can get the same filter at a Suzuki dealer for the Burgman 400. Also, NAPA has a replacement although I forgot the number. The same filter is used on several snowmobiles, too.

P. :D
Yep, go to your Suzuki dealer and get one. I paid about $6 at mine. As you can see from the foll list, about a zillion Suzuki's use the same filter so its likely the dealer will have them. I haven't asked Advance, Auto Zone, or O'Reilly's if they can order them, but suspect they can as they stock K&N for cars and such.

http://www.knfilters.com/search/applica ... rod=KN-132
I too changed my oil for the first time yesterday. I only had 32 miles on it, but as per recommendation from more than one person, I got those shavings out of there. The oil in the engine was clean, the filter was a different story. It had shavings all over it, and some in the oil that drained out of that little hole in the side of the engine. Mylocal Yammy dealer had the filter, but for 10 bucks. Orielly can get me 1 for 7 bucks, but they have to order it. I'll probably order 2 when I go.

I'm not going to worry about the rear end oil for a while longer.
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