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My Kentucky to Texas ride:

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I just returned from a 2235 mile trip, 7 day round trip to Dallas, Texas to visit an old Air Force friend whom I had not seen in 40 years. I have to say the trip was a blast ! The Majesty surprised me by being so comfortable. One main reason I think was the jell seat cushion which I use. Also, it handles like a dream. It's just a fun machine to ride.

My trip taught me a few things about distance riding, (distance being a relative term of course). I find that keeping my back straight and sitting tall in the seat is much, much more comfortable than riding in a slouched position all day. I discovered a couple more good positions as well.

One where I straighted my legs and locked my knees which forced me to sit high in the seat, resting my "tail bone" on the seat support. This allowed blood to flow and to release some pressure points caused by sitting too long in one position. Another where I would bend my legs up and rest my feet (or toes) on the passenger foot rests. To change position during a ride makes all the difference to me between a hard day and a good one.

I took my CD player along, but didn't listen to it the whole trip. I decided it might be better to pay all my attention to my driving. Besides, it's illegal to have Stevie Ray Vaughn @ 100 dbs rattling my ear drums when I'm driving!

Although I had my rain suit close by, I didn't need it. Texas was in a terrible drought, but as I drew closer home, the threat of rain increased. I pulled up our drive way and not long after, it begain to rain a little.

The Majesty Maxi Scoot is a real piece of work. If only everything in life were as functional and practical.

I posted some pictures on the Gallery if anyone would like to see them. By the way, I'd sure like to see some pictures of others of our group. I hope how that warm weather is upon us that the Scooters will come out of the garage and the cameras out of their cases !

Pikeville, Kentucky
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Glad you had a safe trip! Even better that it was fun!!
I hope you didn't have to pick too many bugs out of your teeth whilst riding. :mrgreen: That can happen when grinnin' and riding!
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