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My wife sent me to Wally World!

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Yesterday my wife said "We need some coffee."

OH OH I'll go. I'll go.

I hopped on the bike, and started off for Wally Mart. It was a nice afternoon, so I didn't put my snowmobile suit on. About 5 miles down the road, I realized it wasn't that nice so I stopped at a little wide spot in the road, and pulled my snowmobile suit and warm gloves out of the trunk. Back on the road a few minutes later.

Now, since this was an adventure, I didn't just go to the Wally Mart down the road. That would be a waste of an opportunity to ride the bike. So I went to one in another town. Hey. I like that Wally Mart better than the one closer to the house.

Arriving at the Wally Mart, I parked the bike at the far end of the parking lot, and went in, grabbed a cart and picked up two of the big cans of coffee. (We drink a lot of coffee at our house.) Then I thought to myself. "Self. I need a roll of duct tape."

Back to the automotive dept. Ok. Got the duct tape. Might as well get some oil for the bike while I'm here. Ok. Two quarts of oil. OH. I need windshield wipers for the Kia. Got them. Ok. Let's get out of here. What's this? A motorcycle cargo net. I need one of those too.

(By the way. This is the second Wally Mart I've been in recently that carries motorcycle helmets, gloves and a few motorcycle accessories.)

At the check out I grab a couple of boxes of toothpicks, pay the nice Wally Mart lady and head back out to the...the BIKE. Ummmm wonder if this stuff will fit?

Reaching the bike, I pulled my helmet and my snowmobile suit out and started to stuff stuff into the bike. Everything fits fine except for the windshield wipers. While I'm trying to figure out how to get them in and not bend them, a fellow pulls up and asks about the bike. Fifteen minutes later, he leaves, and I finally figure out how to pack things to get the wiper blades in without crushing them.

I fire the engine and head for home, stopping off at the clowns place for some burgers and fries for the wife and I. Into the "trunk" go the burgers and fires.

I arrive back at home with two large cans of coffee, two quarts of motor oil, a set of wiper blades, a roll of duct tape, two boxes of toothpicks, a motorcycyle carry net, and a sack of burgers and fries.

Pretty good haul for a "scooter" I think.
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Thats great. I love filling the trunk in front of spectators.
There are not many places I have stopped that I haven't had to talk to someone about the bike.
Have not tried burgers yet. But Fried Chicken and Fries in the trunk. Have done this. And how about carrying a case of beer under the seat. Done that also. Enjoy your majesty. Not looking for a Burgman vs Magesty war ok. If the Seat on the Majesty had just been about an inch or 2 lower I would have got one instead of the Burgman. But I actually like the look of the Majesty better. But Seat Height is a Big factor for me. :)
Done the hamburgers & fries and Taco Bell in the trunk. I've learned to leave my trunk popped for 10-15 minutes when I get home so it doesn't smell like a Whopper with extra onions or Nachos Bellgrande in the morning! :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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