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Need advice-selling vehicles out of state

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Has anyone sold a vehicle to someone in another state? I'm wondering how you deal with the money, etc. How do you deal with trusting the buyer and them trusting you? I won't even accept a cashier's check in town unless I go to the bank with the buyer and see them get the check. People are counterfeiting cashier's checks nowadays. I could see asking the buyer to send the check and wait until it clears, but why should they trust the seller to deliver the vehicle?
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Send a PM to Greengoose. He recently sold his Burgman to a gal and her dad from out of state. I do know that he demanded cash, presumably for the same reason. The dad did not read the indtructions he was sent and brought a cheque instead. Greengoose stuck to his guns and whilst the dad was not happy, he finally found somewhere to get the cash. The dad & his daughter trailered the bike home themselves.
I agree 100% with what Greengoose did: he requested the payment be in cash (reasonable) at the time of the transaction, so there would not be a big surprise. I can understand someone not wanting to travel interstate with several thousand in cash, thus bringing a cheque instead, but most bands have 'sister' banks that they share recirocal check cashing privileges with in almost any city. Just ask and it can be arranged to carry the money by cheque and arrange to cash it at the destination.
As for why people trust a large amount of money to someone to deliver a vehicle? I guess they're more trusting than you and I or they have never been burned on eBay.
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Thanks for the reply. That helps a lot.
Or use Electronic Funds Transfer. No one can afford to trust anyone, sad to say. Even check cash with one of those counterfeit detector pens!

A little paranoia goes a long way
If I were to sell something big like that, I would offer one price if they brought dead presidents, and another, higher price if they wanted to PayPal the money to me.
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