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Neighbour with a Piaggio X9

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I was aware that there was a woman in my community with an X9, and I came across her today. Turns she teaches at the faculty where I will be studying this fall.

We both need to wash our scooters. For such similar machines, there sure is a difference in aesthetics.
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the x9 was one of the scooters that i considered when buying.

in the end, im happy with my choice of the majesty.
sure, it mught have a smaller engine, but i like the looks of the yamaha better.

also, after sales service was a big factor in my decision to go with the yamaha.

Personally, I think the Majesty is a much sexier bike! :mrgreen:
We don't have a Piaggio dealer either -- thus the Yamaha seemed a smarter choice in my case too. I'm thinking I might fit on a BV500 better than on the Maj, though -- I can't wait for the next WDC cycle show to try one out!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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