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New Majesty Corbin Seat!!!

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Very cool Willy, thanks for the link. I was wondering when Corbin was going to do this. I'm not sure my budget could take the pressure this year, but it is definitely something I will consider. Now if we can just put some pressure on ClearView.....

Wow, really nice, but expen$ive!! I'm pretty new to all this. Do replace seats typically cost this much?
mackee5 said:
Wow, really nice, but expen$ive!! I'm pretty new to all this. Do replace seats typically cost this much?
Typically seat makers such as Corbin and Russell are expensive but the quality of materials and workmanship are second to none. As well, the high end seats can be custom fit to the individual. There are lots of companies out there that will re-work the stock saddle on most bikes so that you can have much better comfort which in some cases can be a less expensive route.
There are a lot more options for the 'motorcycle' market than there is for the scooter world when it comes to aftermarket seats. If I'm not mistaken this is the first aftermarket seat available in North America for the Majesty.
Corrbin is considerably cheaper (in all senses of the word) than Russell or the Mayers. It just goes up from Corbin.
i would be interested if it wasn't made from leather.

don't get me wrong, i know that leather is longer lasting, but as i ride all year round (rain , shine , hail included) it would need to be water proof.

i think the leather would soak up too much water, and take days to dry out again.

Wow. It looks real comfy!! I would like to sit on one to see if I would really like it, before a paid that much to get one!! I didn't read the info on it yet as far as money back garantee! I might do it if they have a garantee!!! That is once I come up with the money!!!
I can't remember which scooter (SWing, Burg) reported that the Corbin seat for that bike slightly reduced the storage space in the trunk. By the looks of these pics, Corbin is using the Yamaha shell here, so that should not be the case for the Maj, but I would still want to know for sure.

The Corbin looks really nice...I'll see if I want to spend the bucks after this season's seat experiments.

I'm trying to set up for long mileage rides ...I've ordered a Butt Buffer pad, and may also try the suggestions [ elsewhere here] for removing the backrest and maybe repositioning it.

And, there's also Anti-Monkeybutt Powder to try...
I bought a Corbin Leather seat and it does not absorb water and is easy to maintain and feels and looks GREAT. Yes it is pricy but the comfort of the Corbin seat makes it well worth the money. I even got the cobin leather backrest with it as well. Feels more like riding a toruing bike now and no hot seat or pinching or hard seat. I bought mine with sticked black leather material and Asphalt vinyl sides and could nto be more happier. Dr Dave
I have the Corbin LEATHER custom seat both fropnt and rear and backrest and it does NOT soak up any water The top parts is black leather and the sides are Ashpalt Vinyl It is VERY comfortable I have had them since 2007 and 17000 miles on the bike I drive it daily as a commuter 80 miles California Freeway 75 mph going in and 45 mph going back home averages 50 mpg. The seat is maintained with leather conditioner and looks just like new and is Very comfortable I even have a Corbin Seat on my 2010 Harley Davidson FXDC Dyna Superglide and am happy with the workmanship and comfort on both bikes We have used the Majesty to take a ride up and through Yosemite, Big Trees, Pacific Coast Highway San Francisco to San Simeon and back Very comfortable bike and with the wife and I and under the seat carrying our clothing etc still get 52 mpg crusing at 60 mph Another note when you need tires try a set of Metzlers ride and track nice and do not follow grooves in road like the original tires did .... Much better Dr Dave
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