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new majesty

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hello all-just swapped from burgman forum as traded 05 400s type for 06 majesty-never totally liked the look of the s type-but due to gas crunch only 1 avail-studied long and hard-almost got 650-but just bigger than i wanted and fuel milage not as good-love my majesty-never rode one before todays purchase but the difference is amazing-lost alot in the trade-but i expected that-dealer did pretty good-but to me thae majesty rides much better-and love the look much better-thanks for a great forum
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Welcome to the forum! Hope you can post some pics in the gallery of your new 'baby'. As you ride your Maj, it also would be nice to hear your first-hand feedback on the differences between the bikes. :)
I am sad to see your Majesty up for sale. Would you mind letting us know why?
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