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Some of you might have seen that I posted a few weeks ago when I got my 05 Charcoal Majesty... and that I was waiting to take the MSF and get my M endorsement and get the Maj insured.

All that 's done, and I rode 100 miles yesterday morning -- it was quite a revelation for me because my two previous bikes have been a 50 and 150cc. The Majesty is sweet. I'll give it a few weeks and report back on some of my observations.

I had a friend who wanted to go together on a tour yesterday for four hours, and I felt I needed to get some alone time on the bike, to get the feel of it, accelerate, stop, etc. I'm going to let myself just get to know the bike before I tour.

The wind roar made itself very clear, but I noticed it was also a very windy day -- I think some of what's happening must have a lot to do with my 3/4 helmet... but now I'm giving a lot of attention to the posts here on the windshield issue.

Otherwise, my goal is to use the Majesty whenever possible instead of the car.

This is a great forum: I've particularly enjoyed meeting some of the people in other parts of the world, like Jason in Australia and Rafal in Poland.

Thanks everybody and hit me with your windshield ideas. I'm 6'.
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Please get and wear a full-face helmet. Some are quieter than others. All offer much more protection than you are wearing. This guy, with 1,199,900 more riding miles than you would have needed his chin reconstructed had he been wearing your helmet:

Story here: http://jeff.dean.home.att.net/swisher.htm

Similar picture here: http://bmwrtmike.smugmug.com/gallery/1004666/2/46482660 Although the back of his lid too the worst of it, my buddy would have had road-rash on his face without the chinbar.

Please wear a full-face helmet. It doesn't have to be expensive - get the one that you find most comfortable wearing. Most of them will fit under the Majesty's seat.

I'd try to live with your windscreen a bit longer, unless you want to be a guninea pig for the rest of us. The market is immature, and there are no clear leaders that I can see in aftermarket screens for our scooters.

Buy a box of soft foam earplugs - necessary on the highway, kind of a bad idea in the city. Long-term hearing loss is a real problem for motorcyclists.
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Ditto on the full face helmet ... I have a skid lid, but seldom use it because I have seen what can happen. Not to mention, the full face helmet makes me feel much more secure at higher speeds and it really helps on windy days. If I am on the highway for any length of time I wear ear plugs ... even in my full face helmet. I learned my lesson after a ride to Colorado and back when my ears were ringing for months.

Good choice on waiting to do the group ride. Always go with your instinct and dont try to push any harder than you feel comfortable ... even in the group rides. It is not worth a mistake. Riding is only fun with the wheels are on the ground.

Congrats ... hope you enjoy the Majesty ... wait, what am I saying??? Of course you will enjoy the Majesty!
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