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Hello! My name is Justin and I am interested in buying a used 2006 Majesty with 8452 miles for a daily commuter. Is this a good idea? What are the maintenance costs for daily riders? Thank you in advance for any help on the matter!
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The Maj makes a great commuter. It's highway capable. It has a very low CG to make easy work of sharp corners. Its automatic transmission takes a lot of the stress out of stop-and-go traffic. Add a top case and it can haul a little cargo, too.

A Maj does require regular maintenance. In particular, its two paper air filters for the engine should be replaced far more frequently than Yamaha suggests, as they are way down low and vacuum up a lot of road dirt. You'll find plenty of threads here about air filter maintenance, replacement frequency recommendations, or even rigging up cleanable filters to replace the paper cartridges.

If you're coming to the Maj from previous motorcycle experience, you may be concerned by how slowly it accelerates from a standing start, though it will eventually get out of its own way. This lack of typical motorcycle acceleration is because it is heavier than typical 400cc bikes, and its CVT is not as efficient as a manual transmission.
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