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New winter gloves.

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I picked up a pair of winter riding gloves yesterday. Here's a description swiped from

TEKNIC THUNDER GLOVES: $60, Leather Construction

Teknic's gladiator-grade mitts have precurved fingers for a good fit and are constructed with top-quality cowhide and a leather palm for superior abrasion resistance. Inside is a 100-percentÂ-breathable Powerskin membrane, with superior Thermolite insulation for warmth. A rubber squeegee on the lower forefinger of each glove allows you to wipe your helmet visor. A layer of suede covers the pinkie-finger seam, and a beefy, multi-adjustable cuff system seals out the weather while providing abrasion resistance -- this is probably the best-protected cuff here. There are additional reinforcements and padding in the palm. A wrist strap secures it.

Cheers: Good value, sufficient warmth for cool weather. Superior gauntlet protection and padding.

Jeers: Somewhat bulky and stiff; virtually no reflective materials. Need significant break-in; closures a chore to operate.

Personal Note. I didn't fine the jeers to be true in my case, except for the lack of reflective material. No break in seemed to be needed for me.

I've worn them a couple of times since I got them home. This morning it was 35 degrees, with a cold, strong, north wind blowing. I rode for a little over an hour, at speeds up to 60 mph, and my hands didn't get cold at all. At 48 degrees yesterday, they were downright hot.

I also got them slightly oversized so I can wear a pair of glove liners under them if needed.

So far, so good.
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That's interesting. I always thought you HAD to use mitts, so the fingers could keep each other warm... Please update us after several more cold rides. The mitts I use are great but performance starts dropping with speed somewhere in the 30'sF. I nthe mid 20's you don't want to go above 60 mph at ALL, that's indicated or actual. :roll:
Wow! These look great for the long rides on a very cold morning. The only thing that gets cold on me are my fingers. Thanks!
I wore the gloves on my two hour trip to work the other night. It wasn't really cold, hi 40's low 50's, but my hands didn't get cold at all. What I did notice though was that my hands sweated enough to dampen the inside lining, and that made my hands cold the next morning on the way home. I solved the problem with a pair of light cotton gloves under the riding gloves. In the future, I'll be sure to take my gloves into the house where any trapped moisture can dry out before wearing them again, plus I think I'll wear the liners so they get damp, and not the glove lining itself.
Those gloves sound really nice. What a great find.

I found some neoprene gloves which are great cold weather riding gloves. Last week I rode a 100 miles in 20 degree weather. I'm not going to say that my fingers didn't get cold as they did.

However, these gloves kept them from freezing up and falling off like my other thermo insulate gloves did. They are reasonably priced and come in long and short.

They are inexpensive so it was worth trying in my opinion.


Can't wait until spring so dressing like a snowman isn't required. :p
I got a pair of ski gloves at costco for $10.. they are a little bulky, but keep my hands warm in the frigid AZ mornings.. Before you all laugh yourselfs silly, it was 35 this morning..
Sounds like you're either in the mountains or you have a lot of radiational cooling. :lol: <---bigbw's teeth chattering fom the cold
I am just outside of Tucson, 3000 feet up.. Supposed to be under 30 by next Monday.. Might be a pickup day..
Last update on these. I rode in this morning in near freezing weather. (low to mid 30's) My hands did get cold, but not achey cold. That's during an 75 miles ride at 45-65 mph. A big thumbs up for them.
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