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Newbie from Lake Tahoe, California

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:D Greetings from Lake Tahoe, California.

Just got a new 2005 Majesty yesterday and I can't wipe the grin off my face (my first real two wheeler). Glad to have found this wonderful forum. Ready a number of posts here and on BurgmanUSA.com really helped me with my decision to buy.

Thanks to all who have posted such good info.

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I get the waves too, except for the guys who sit back like low riders and look deadly serious. I think part of the reason I get so many is because from the front, crotch-rocketeers think I'm another crotch rocket. It's only from the side that it looks like a scooter.

I just got mine a few weeks ago too and everything that I read (and maybe you too) about Lemon Pledge seems to be true. I want this sucka to shine for a long time...
Welcome to the forum & glad you found us!
I find it rare that another cyclist doesn't return a wave-- even the HD and chopper dudes. It seems other bikers are mellowing and accepting the super scoots as regular bikes, particularly since we can keep up on the freeway.
The Lemon Pledge also works great to remove road tar and other greases. I use it to remove the gunk before I give it a bath. 8)
Hope to hear more from you soon!
welcome aboard. hope you have a great stay.....

i too get waves (and nods) from almost all other motorcyclists.
as indiana99 stated, from the front, it is hard to distinguish from many other supersports bikes.

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