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No Riding for a While!!!

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Snow, cold, ice, wind... :( . The winters (even though it's not officially winter here yet :shock: ) in NYC are getting worse every year. March seems so far away :clock: . Oh well, I can always read posts from riders in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, etc... That makes me happy. Getting in the cage and driving after a season with "Madge" is like having to eat a vienna sausage link in lieu of a porterhouse steak :shock: .

Anyway, to my friends in warmer climates that can ride year round with little trouble and effort. We here in the Northeast salute you :salute: .

Until the spring, I will continue to enjoy whatever riding time I could get (third weekend in a row with no riding). Late next week, the temperatures my pass 40 degrees. Say a prayer for me.

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Hi Willy Mo !

Temperature yesterday was a high of 32 and today is about the same. To look out the window one would think it's warm with all the sun, but not so. I have 1400 miles on my Majesty and doubt I'll do much more riding until it warms up some. But come spring, LOOK OUT !

Doug Thompson
Pikeville, Ky

Come spring, I'm hoping that we can get together for a ride, Doug. That is if you don't mind being seen riding with a guy on a Burgman 650...
Hi Wyldman,

That would be great ! Louisville isn't that far. We lived down I-75 from you for 6 years, at Corbin where I worked for the Rail Road. Retired now and returned to our home in Pikeville.

I just went out in the shop where I store my Scoot and started her up. Let her run for half hour. I put some fuel stabilizer in the tank to prevent the fuel from jelling and stopping up the fuel system. Temperature this morning was 22 when I got up.

Just noticed the weather channel and Phoenix, Arizona is enjoying 77 F temps.

Hey ! I could handle that!

Later !

Pikeville, Kentucky
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