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Today while riding to work when I let off the throttle my bike made a weird noise. It was kinda like somebody skidding tires in a car!! It was real short. Then on the way home it did it again, this time a little longer! At first I though it was a car slamming on their brakes then realized it was my scooter. I reved up the motor a little and the noise stopped. It didn't do it after that!

I thought I read somewhere either on this forum or the other one I go to, that someone else experienced this same noise? Does anybody remember reading about it? If so can you give me a link to the topic??? Or if anybody has a clue to what this may be, let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it's possible that the drive belt might be slipping a little.

if it slips, it will make a squealing (sp?) type noise. my old honda CH250 Spacy used to do it, until i got a new belt fitted.

might also be the clutch shoes if these are worn a little.
my advice (if it keeps doing it) is have your dealer look at it.

I agree on it being the belt. If you'll keep a smidgen of throttle when stopping, you'll never hear it again. Your belt may even last a bit longer, but it's scheduled for replacement every 12k or so anyway.
I only have roughly 1300 miles on it!! I wouldn't think the belt would need replaced already?!! Although I myself was thinking it was the belt! I will keep an 'ear' on it and if it does keep doing it, a trip to the dealer is in order!!!! Bummer, right at riding season!!
is your maj still in waranty ?

if so dont panic too much.
it might clear itself up too. if there was somehow some oil or other stuff that got onto the pulleys, that might cause the belt to slip a little too. once it's worn off, it would go away.

keep listening for it, and let us know what happens.

Yes, it's still under warranty!! I"m not to stressed about it! It's just that I don't want to have to take it in when I can be riding it! I would rather wait till winter now!!!!! You know how motorcycle shops are, they take forever to work on your bike!! It always seems to be a 3 or more week wait just for them to get to yours!!!! Atleast that is how it is at the HD shop. I guess I can't say to much about Yamaha since I haven't ever taken it to them! They want to much money to do the simple services. I probably will take it there when it comes time to do a valve adjustment or belt change!!

I will definately ride it for a while longer and keep an ear out to see if it does it again. Maybe you are right, just something that got kicked up in there!!!! I'll update when needed!!!! :D
Hello all,

When I first purchased my Maj I had that belt noise quite a bit. It did stop at about 1000 miles and since then it has done it once. It just might be a break in issue on your bike. Some Maj's do this more than others by the way. I think your belt will eventually stop this noise. What I figured out that caused it on mine was when I put new roller weights on the variator. There was alot of the bearing grease here and there. I'm pretty sure mine stopped when the grease wore off the belt. Maybe the soul who assembled your Maj got a little carried away with the bearing grease. Hopefully this is all that is causing your belt slap.

Be safe and have a good week all!

Rufus :wink:
I finally found where I read about this certan noise before!! It's here http://www.maxi-scoots.com/postnuke/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=289

Hopefully no one get's mad at me for linking to another forum, I just wanted to let everyone here read it and see what they think!!!!

After reading that post, I've decided to just keep an ear out for it and try to wait till closer to winter to take it to the dealer! I rode all over this weekend and nothing. Today I heard a slight noise but I could have been being parinoid!!! :D

Thanks for all your opinions!!!!
Yep, it's nothing to worry about. Mine's done it since new. It's normal and slips from the engine braking effect. I do keep from letting the throttle return all the way back whien stopping. Just want to make sure it lasts to the 12k mile mark. Has 6,500 on it in 6 months and didn't get much riding time in the harsh Florida winter. :lol:
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